What is Online Marketing? Online Business Marketing Is Effective

What is Online Marketing? Online Business Marketing Is Effective

Technology 4.0 increasingly develops, Social Media is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, businesses are gradually turning to Online Marketing.

So what is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is a marketing activity on the Internet in many different forms. Online marketing is a very wide array, not just internet advertising. For this type of Marketing, businesses approach customers through social media.

Marketing Consists Of What Forms

Are you curious what Online Marketing does? Because this model is only recently developed. Goose Content will help you better understand Online Marketing.

1 / Website is the first indispensable model

Website is the home of the business that wants to do business in the form of Online Marketing. Website is a place where you can see information of a business, is a place to display the company's products. Do not confuse Facebook and Website. Facebook is just the communication environment between businesses, and registration transactions and product information all lead to your Website!

Goose Content
Goose Content

2 / SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search Engine Marketing is a form of marketing on search engines like Google, Coc Coc ...related to researching and using many different marketing methods to bring personal / business websites to desired positions in Internet search results.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM consists of the following elements:

SEO is search engine optimization : is the optimization of search engines, pushing traffic so that the website can reach the TOP as desired by the business. From there business in the form SEO services on the website.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is a form of using email (email) to bring content about information / sales / marketing / product introduction to customers that you want. The customers have been thoroughly understood (the potential customer of the business) to distinguish it from the form of Email Spam (Send mass emails to any customer) and customers can refuse to receive email. Email Marketing is a very popular marketing service applied by many businesses.

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Social Media: social media. Businesses use these channels to create branding for businesses. In particular, running ads on social networks is extremely popular, such as: Facebook Ads, Zalo Ads, Instagram Ads, ... This is a fairly strong form of communication in Online Marketing. If there is no communication on Social Media, especially Facebook, will the customer know Website Content to book useful courses.

Display Ads: advertisements displayed on a website (you pay for another website to advertise your banner, or you do advertising on Youtube).

Why Enterprises Choose Marketing Online

With the advancement of technology, with marketing strategies, the ability to do Marketing Viral is a step forward to help you reach customers very successfully.

Why Enterprises Choose Marketing Online
Why Businesses Choose Online Marketing

Optimize working time

For Online Marketing businesses, uptime is continuous. Banks put ourselves in the shoes of customers, when we have a need and are immediately met, I think that is also an advantage of Online Marketing. Marketing Online's motto, always by the side of the customer, the customer needs to have it with just one click on the website. Businesses with 24/7 continuous communication activities, the ability to approach customers will be very strong, with very high development opportunities.

Fast transaction makes every customer satisfied

Online Marketing is the maximum use of internet features so that you can check transactions quickly and systematically. As long as the application is finalized, the warehouse will quickly issue the order to the customer. Above all, because the business website has all information about the product, we save time on advertising. Transactions are based on trust between the business and its customers.

Customers feel more proactive in finding out information, connecting with your business and community groups. At the same time, they also easily participate in spreading the message of the business to their relationship network called the form of Viral Marketing - a form that is quite applied in Oline Marketing.

On the business side, the advertising content and information can be flexibly edited quickly when you feel they are ineffective, inaccurate, or “test” with many different advertising versions in short time (a few days, a day, even a few hours). Besides, the feedback from customers, you will be continuously monitored and responded to each individual.


For this Online Marketing model, in my opinion is very suitable for the current digital age. Not only help businesses improve, save costs, time, be proactive in finding and approaching customers, even grasp all customer information quickly. Most of all services on the internet are very modern and fast, making every customer feel satisfied.

Writer: Thu Ngann

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