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Traffic is a very good term used in SEO reports in particular and in Marketing Online in general. This is an important indicator to evaluate SEO performance, and plays an important role in website ranking.

So what is traffic and how to use this metric? These two questions as well as related issues surrounding traffic will be explained through the academic article below.

➡ What is Traffic Online and What You Need to Know

What is traffic?

What is traffic?

Traffic is a term used to describe the traffic of a website, also known as the number of website visitors and traffic is a very popular word in the world of Digital Marketing. Traffic is always a great thing for all websites, as it means the website starts to make money.

The more traffic to the website, the more revenue from the website business will increase. Therefore traffic is very important for a website that marks the effective increase in revenue for the business.

Traffic channels?

Traffic channels?

Easy to understand website traffic (traffic), we need to understand traffic channels clearly. Traffic channels are a term used to Describe website traffic coming from source - medium come on.

  • Social: is a source of traffic coming from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ...

  • Oganic Search: is the source of traffic that comes from searching on search engines via specific queries.

  • Direct: is the source of direct access to the website.

  • (Other)

  • Referal: is a source of traffic coming from another website

  • Paid Search: is a source of access through paid advertising such as Google Adwords.

The important factor to increase website traffic

Important factors to increase website traffic

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO, has become a top priority for businesses. One reason is that the search engines will bring in the largest traffic volume today and bring in the most potential customers.

But How Google works? And How to SEO website keywords on the Top is how?

Previously, SEO just optimized by adding keyword phrases to the website, whether these keywords are related to the domain of the Website or not. But now the search engine has a lot of changes so the design is appropriate.

This means that SEO is now much more complex and difficult than it used to be, and here are three key factors that influence website rankings and how much traffic to the website.

➡ x Keywords (Keywords)

Keywords (Keywords)

One of the most fundamental aspects in SEO is keyword optimization for the title, meta description and content of the article. These keywords are a way to let search engines know what the website is talking about and show them that the website will provide content related to the needs of searchers.

In the early days of SEO, just adding lots of keywords to your website's articles regardless of the same industry or not had many opportunities to increase website traffic. But now it is different Panda algorithm then with this trick the website will immediately disappear from Google.

This requires webmasters to be more careful and to research keywords in SEO more closely to the needs of searchers to be able to display better. Here are the types of keywords that should focus on research.

➡ Content


In addition to simply using more keywords in the article, the website needs to have quality content and must be constantly optimized to rank high. And although search engines cannot read your articles like humans, and see if your information is really useful and relevant to search engines to increase search engine rankings. .

Besides, you need to pay attention to the length and depth of the content article should change and be fresh. and should add the appropriate backlink to the post.

➡ Offpage signals

Offpage signals

Website needs a number of links from many Refer Domains to create a lot of Signal, Mention is talking about your website.

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What is traffic?  Revealing The Importance In Seo

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What is Traffic?

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