What is outbound marketing? Why modern marketers "give up" outbound marketing

Outbound marketing Not a new concept but quite familiar with marketers from past to present. However, let's find out What is outbound marketing to understand why the trend of business to turn to Inbound Marketing is growing so strongly?

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing also known as traditional marketing in which businesses actively seek customers through marketing and advertising channels to send customers information about the product in a mass manner. Depending on the size and operation of the business, the approach can be used via television ads, face-to-face, telesales, email marketing. Thereby forming a set of potential customers for sales staff to continue pursuing.

What is outbound marketing

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In the past decades, Outbound Marketing has always occupied a large part of the budget of many businesses and is considered an extremely expensive marketing method. Even so, Outbound Marketing is showing more and more weaknesses and that is hard to accept in today's drastic changing marketing trend. It is possible to list some of the problems that Outbound Marketing is facing:

  • Difficult to keep track of ROI

  • The rise and development of technology to prevent, refuse to receive information over the phone, social networks, ...

  • Inexpensive, not highly effective

Journal CRM Daily reported that “more than half of companies adopting Inbound marketing saw a positive change in ROI by 25%. Survey shows that Inbound Marketing channels bring high conversion rate gMarketing. So, to minimize costs and increase marketing efficiency, businesses should gradually switch to Inbound Marketing

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Why move from Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing?

The reason why many large businesses start to switch to Inbound Marketing not only comes from the need to cut costs, but also depends more on current consumer trends:

  • Consumer behavior is shifted from passive to active. Smart consumers no longer want to receive one-way information from brands, but want to actively seek and control information. That is the reason why outbound marketing gradually lost its position.

  • The rapid growth of the Internet and online communications has made two-way interaction easier than ever. Customers really make a choice and clearly prefer the information that is really helpful to them.

  • When consumers are aware that they have more choices than before, finding and searching products and services suitable for their needs through a variety of search engines such as blogs, social networks, news sites. ie… These channels are much less expensive than participating in symposiums or traditional exhibitions, ...

What is the reason to switch to inbound marketing from outbound? (Source: G2 Learning Hub)

Therefore, marketers need to find the answer to the problem of what is effective marketing for businesses today? That situation is an opportunity to open the transition from Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing. Specifically, Inbound Marketing has solved most of the disadvantages of Outbound Marketing.

  • Adapting to customer changes and technological developments

Unlike Outbound Marketing that actively delivers information to customers, Inbound Marketing creates quality content to attract potential customers when they have trouble. Users are proactively looking for the information they need via the internet. Moreover, customers can also distribute and share information content that they consider useful.

  • Reduce marketing costs when applying Inbound Marketing

Traditional forms of advertising on newspapers and television always cost the business a large amount of money. Inbound Marketing does not depend on which businesses set up websites, fanpages, blogs to provide information for customers to access. Using tools like social media, sharing tool or earn media will be a lot more economical. Estimated cost to get 1 customer through Inbound marketing is only 1/2 of that of Outbound Marketing.

  • Avoid privacy protection tools

Inbound Marketing is not affected by tools and policies to block emails, messages, phones, ... Currently, sending commercial emails, introducing products is no longer well received by customers, even many countries around the world. also enforces a ban on emails without the recipient's consent to ensure privacy.

With Inbound marketing, customers will find their own business through information channels of the business on media pages. Therefore, marketers are given the "green light" to reach customers easily with a higher success rate.

Thanks to these three outstanding advantages, Inbound marketing is increasingly popular in the world. To catch up with that trend, once knowledgeable marketers What is outbound marketing should be prepared to bring your business to Inbound to bring better business results.

What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?

The above article explains some of the basic points between these two types of Marketing and their differences, as well as the advantages Inbound Marketing today is bringing to businesses. To emphasize again, we can understand that outbound marketing is defined as the type of marketing in which a company initiates a conversation and sends its message to the audience. Outbound marketing includes traditional forms of marketing and advertising such as advertising on TV, advertising on radio, advertising in print (in newspapers, magazines, leaflets, advertising publications ...) and even spam (email spam).

Meanwhile, Inbound marketing is the way to attract customers, provide customers with useful information, Popular Inbound activities such as content marketing, blogging, SEO and opt-In (subscribe) in email . In addition, paid advertising (Paid search) is considered a form of Inbound Marketing, because your ad only appears when people are searching for the product or service you offer.

What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing?

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What are some other concepts about outbound

Outbound Logistics

If inbound logistics focuses mainly on buying and arranging the boss to transport products, parts, raw materials and finished goods inventory from suppliers to warehouses or factories, outbound logistics has a process. separate operations. Outbound Logistics depends heavily on shipping, storing the finished product, and delivering it to the customer. This process starts with a customer order, then moves to packing the warehouse and ends with the delivery of the product. For operations to be effective, businesses must choose the right distribution channel, maintain a reasonable inventory system, and optimize delivery options.

Outbound Call

Inbound calls are calls coming from outside sources. It's usually a prospect or an existing customer in need of support. They may have a question about the product or service you offer, to make a complaint or to address a particular issue, or they may just want to know the status of their project. Whatever the case, an inbound call is important because the caller is actively and directly communicating with your company.

In contrast, an outbound call is when you or your salesperson reach out to a potential customer over the phone. That may be for sales, payment, updates, offers or renewals of products and services. The customer may or may not receive the call or information during that call, because his need has not been verified, or because the contact time is not convenient. .

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Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales is understood as all the ways you can use to contact potential customers via email, phone, chat marketing, etc., with the purpose of creating interest and selling a product / service. The company's service .. With outbound sale is divided into 2 forms: cold call (random call, you call that customer for the first time to actively sell or service) and warm call (when a customer has called for information from you or you have been dealing with this customer). Because you're the one who's going to be proactive, it means you're trying to talk to a stranger. To operate outbound sales effectively, you need to plan and specific strategies before contacting customers, as well as anticipating possible arising situations when exchanging work with them to theory. let them trust them.


Above are general knowledge information about What is outbound marketing?For large enterprises, this is no longer an unfamiliar form of marketing, but is also fully utilized to expand market share and bring in many potential customers for the business.

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