What is SEO service? What to keep in mind when using it for business

When SEO becomes one of the indispensable elements in the overall Marketing campaign, SEO services are also on the throne and are welcomed by many businesses. But to choose a reasonable SEO service provider, first you need to understand What is SEO service and its core strengths. Let MarketingAI better understand this concept and the benefits of SEO services in the website of the enterprise in particular and in business performance in general through the article below.

What is SEO service?

SEO Services is a service often provided by an SEO agency that helps your business succeed in search engine optimization. With SEO, your business can increase visibility in search results on search engines like Google and Bing. In particular, businesses focus on search results related to your company, product, service or industry.

What is SEO service?What is SEO marketing service (Source: Techpinger)

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Packages of SEO services

What is SEO Services? In the era of Digital Marketing is thriving today, SEO is one of the indexes that are most interested by many businesses. That is why on the market there is always a variety of SEO services for businesses and individuals to choose from. However, in this article, we will introduce to you the 4 most popular SEO services today.

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Overall SEO services

Overall SEO is a safe strategy that helps maintain the stability of your business's rankings and competitiveness relative to its competitors. Accordingly, the overall SEO service works with the model Top SEO strategies for all keywords that compete publicly with niche keywords on Google search, helping businesses increase traffic and increase the reliability of their websites day by day.

Keyword SEO services

Keyword SEO services(Source: Internet)

True to its name, with keyword SEO services, service providers will help push the keyword of the business to the top of the search engine results pages. Typically, keyword SEO services will support showing in the top 10, top 5, top 3 and top 1.

What is SEO concept

Basic SEO services

Basic SEO jobs are mostly related to technical issues with SEO. Here are the main jobs SEO service providers will do for your website:

  • Optimize the URL link for the website to be as brief and friendly as possible

  • Optimize titles, H1 tags, H2, etc. and description (meta descriptions)

  • Implement the Rich Snippets if necessary.

  • Improve page loading speed on website

  • Submit your website to search sites.

  • Create an XML sitemap so that users can access content on the site more easily

  • Optimize HTML tags according to SEO criteria.

  • Restore technical errors affecting the crawl on your site

SEO traffic services

SEO traffic services(Source: Fat Frog Media)

SEO traffic service was born not long but quickly showed its advantages in building and developing brands. Without focusing on the top rankings, SEO traffic will attract users to access the website through natural search queries (Organic Search).

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SEO Audit Services

SEO Audit is an English term, roughly translated as "Auditing the search engine optimization". True to its name, when you perform SEO Audit, it also means that you analyze your website's appearance and see its performance, thereby knowing whether the activities taking place on your website are real. Show right direction and effective or not. The "SEO audit" it also has many similarities with the financial audit, its purpose is to find any structural problems in search engine performance. After collecting such data, webmasters can make positive changes to help improve the website's ranking on search engine pages.

These include site structure issues, SEO content issues, technical issues, user experience issues and gaps in your content, and many other factors. SEO Audit can also provide you with important Insight about the market to know what you are missing, so this activity should be done periodically.

Why is SEO service so HOT?

Choosing good SEO services is an advantage for businesses in building and developing a sustainable brand. In parallel with other online marketing tools like content marketing, video marketing, etc. SEO is a channel that maintains and develops market share in parallel with branding in the long run.

Businesses can enjoy the joy of keywords, websites quickly climbing to the top of Google rankings, customers visiting and staying on the page for a long time, high accessibility to product and service pages, etc. ... It can be said that SEO is an effective advertising channel, but the cost is not expensive, it helps businesses maintain their rankings for a long time with extremely high conversion ability.

Therefore, businesses are increasingly inclined to use SEO services to support the business and the overall operation of the company. In today's digital age, when most people will search for products on the Internet (especially Google), SEO will be a great tool to help bring customers closer to the products. / service of your business. When users search for products, visit any website and make a purchase decision, that's when businesses realize how important it is to appear on the top of the search results page. . That urges the parties to use SEO services more, to optimize website rankings and maintain brand sustainability in the eyes of consumers.

Should we use SEO services?

By the above explanations, you already know how popular SEO services are. But to explain more clearly the benefits that SEO services bring to help you answer the question "Should I use SEO services?", The following section will mention 4 basic benefits of SEO services. will bring your business.

Increase brand awareness

Businesses that maintain the leading position in Google search results will greatly contribute to increasing brand awareness. That means that if the SEO optimization for your website is always stable and updated, the frequency of brand appearance in the eyes of the user will grow stronger. Therefore, one thing that more and more businesses need to keep in mind is the need to regularly update and improve your website, both in terms of design and content within, so as to maintain the value and trends over time. space. If your content and design is getting old and there are many new websites being born, the level of competition is increasing, the possibility of being dropped from the top is very likely to happen when users are no longer interested in your business. you too.

Improve traffic quality

SEO services not only stop improving the rankings on the search results rankings but also help increase the quality of traffic for your website. With an attractive title containing keywords, reaching the right needs of users, your website will achieve higher clickthrough rates. Then, as mentioned above about the importance of content and design within your website above, if it is possible to satisfy the information users are looking for, then the ability to keep them on the website. is much higher. And more importantly can navigate to sales pages such as product pages or service descriptions, drive conversions. leads into real customers.

Improve traffic qualityWhat is the reason to use SEO services (Source: Internet)

Improve ROI (Return on investment) & revenue of the business

Like many other tools, website SEO services can also help businesses generate revenue. The more websites optimize SEO standards, the higher the ROI and the more likely it is to receive revenue.

Cost savings

If compared with SEM, SEO services have lower costs that effectively bring value in the longer term. As you know, SEM or PPC are both paid services. Of course, a service that costs money will likely be more effective, but not every result it brings is the quality you want. On the contrary, SEO offers more lasting value and is also capable of providing you with more quality leads.

Of course, to say again and again, SEM has strengths that SEO can not replace. But in terms of cost, if you want SEO to work as expected, you'll need to be patient and take more time.

Note when choosing SEO service providers

What is SEO service? As a service, businesses still need to be alert and have a certain understanding when choosing SEO service providers that are suitable for their marketing campaign. Of course, depending on the financial conditions that allow, companies will choose service packages with different costs. In addition, for small companies, it is necessary to use some basic SEO services to research and explore the market first, while for large corporations, can use the overall SEO service to achieve efficiency. more comprehensive.

In general, companies should keep in mind a few points after choosing an SEO service provider.

1. A commitment to help website in Top 1 position

In fact, a commitment to help your business website reach # 1 on the search results page is just a word… advertising to attract customers. Whether the actual results are achieved or not depends on many factors. Of course, large websites, using the overall SEO service package will have a high chance of being in the top 1 on the search page, but it is not 100%. Because in the market, the competition takes place continuously, requiring both businesses and suppliers to strive continuously, not easily achieved.

Therefore, when listening to the advice of suppliers, you need to be alert and should trust the parties to explain their methods and implementation plans rather than the pledges.

Note when choosing an SEO service providerNote when choosing SEO service providers (Source: Fiverr)

2. Promise to increase sales

This is a complete conceptual confusion. SEO services are not a sure step, helping your business increase sales, but only one of the important methods in the marketing strategy of the business, contributing to bringing products / services. closer to consumers only.

If your business wants to sell, it requires quality from many other factors such as product quality, customer care, market, etc.

3. Not focusing on content creation and website design

Again, we want to emphasize this element. No customer wants to stay on a website that has "bad" design and "bad" content. The content on the website includes text, images, audio, video, ... all affect the quality of the website, and at the same time, it is the brand reputation and user experience. Therefore, if the SEO service of the provider you are using does not meet this factor, you should also reconsider.


Obviously, every business wants to increase sales revenue thanks to SEO, but not all SEO services will meet that. But even if it meets, it takes a long time and must depend on many factors. That's why, understand clearly What is SEO service And the reason why it is so valued by many businesses will help you determine what you need from SEO service providers and avoid undue expectations. Good luck!

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