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SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" (search engine optimization) is a trick in internet marketing. It helps websites achieve high rankings on the search pages for easy access to users. From there attract customers to increase revenue for the website. One of the tools that increase rankings is SEO software. So what is seo software? Beneficial or not? Let's find out with SEOIMS!

What is SEO software?

In today's era, with the development of information technology ... the internet is an indispensable part to reach people. Services sprouted like mushrooms: sales, advertising, sharing…. All of which wants to develop, it is necessary that when a user searches, the website will be in the closest place for the user to access. If you want the website to show up first and it doesn't take long, it is necessary to have the support tools that are SEO software. All the things we mentioned above are the effects of SEO Software.

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Understand as an SEO support tool for the website. Web services provided for the SEO process. Runs on the Winform platform (Windows Application). software whose algorithms increase the basic indexes for Google to evaluate a quality website, thereby pushing the website's ranking to the top results of the search results and the website's ranking. high in billions of websites today.

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Benefits of SEO software

Of course, the first benefit to mention is to increase the website rankings, thereby easier to reach users and increase revenue for the website. A website that does not reach many customers can say that website failed in marketing. Using seo software will reduce your workload. Usually, quite a long time ago someone still used manual SEO - a form of SEO only by hand. It takes a long time and is not very effective. But besides that when using SEO software there are also disadvantages

Disadvantages of SEO software

Google often prevents seo tools from affecting Google's policies. Manual SEO is quite time consuming and laborious. So quite a lot of people have applied the combination of the above 2 schools of SEO both manually doing seo in some jobs and using software in other jobs. And we need to choose to use the best and qualified SEO software.

The top seo softwares today

1. Popular google SEO tools

In the process of doing SEO for the website, Google Keyword Planner, Analytics, Search Console, ... are the 3 Google SEO tools that are used the most by SEOs.

With the following characteristics:

  • Find and research keywords with the Google Keyword Planner tool.

  • Identify trends with the Google Trends tool.

  • Explore and fix technical and on-page issues with the Google Search Console tool.

  • Analyze how many people are visiting your site, who they are and where they come from with Google Analytics.

  • Collect, process and analyze all types of SEO data with the Google Sheets tool.

  • Test page load speed with Google Pagespeed Insights tool.

2. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is one of the leading SEO software and tools used in the development of content strategies that allows businesses to find questions, prepositions, comparisons, letters or yes searches. related issues that concern users. In addition, Answer the Public is also evaluated as a website that synthesizes a large number of questions from Google and then automatically completes and then divides them into many different lists. From there, it makes it easy and convenient to find the questions that people are searching for a lot on Google.

And especially this is a completely free software. In addition, there are other SEO tools like Soovle, Keyword Shitter, Keywordtool.io that also have similar features.

3. UberSuggest

As seo web software and seo tools that search for hundreds of thousands of ideas about a seed keyword, it does not require a login but all keywords can still appear underneath. CSV format. Word cloud is also an interesting feature but not officially supports Vietnamese, but if you type in Vietnamese keywords you can still get information. It works on the principle that every time you type in any keyword, Ubersuggest.org will propose to you the most popular, practical and useful keyword phrases for you to freely choose. With a simple interface you just need to access quickly, enter the keywords you need and then press suggest to list the most suitable keyword phrases for you.

The keyword phrase suggestion of this software is quite smart and fast: The keyword you need + the letter of the relevant content.

4. Soovle

Soovle is a very easy-to-use piece of software that allows you to quickly search for keywords. You just need to visit Soovle's website and enter keywords or search terms into this software, which will generate results related to the keywords you entered.

It is known as software that pulls information from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, YouTube and Answers.com with the aim of generating a large number of keyword ideas and seed keywords.


  • Understanding customers' wishes: Because when customers find you, it means they need you to put the keywords they need on their website to rank high on the search pages.

  • It is easy to use, convenient and has many support tools: Your job is simply to enter keywords and then the software will generate suggestions with many deeply related keywords. closest.

  • Great place to store data: you put in keywords and Soovle will be aggregated and retrieved from the main web pages - something no tool can do.

5. Hemingway Editor

The seo web software and seo tools help improve the ability to read and understand the content of your content by highlighting difficult to read sentences as well as confusing words that confuse readers and attachments. many other features. This is considered a useful tool, essential for professional bloggers.

6. Backlink Checker

This is seo web software and seo tools with the main feature being used as a tool for checking Ahrefs backlink displayed for free such as:

  • Top 100 backlinks for any website

  • Total number of backlinks and domains

  • Shows the other 5 most linked websites

  • Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) scores

  • The most popular anchor text

In addition, this is also a tool provided by industry leading databases operating with preminum versions including:

  • More than 176 million unique domains (domain names)

  • More than 16 trillion known links

  • The same 6 billion pages are analyzed and updated every day

This SEO tools tool uses an account completely free, although there are some limitations, but basically you can still get quite a lot of value and benefits from web SEO tools.

If you find English tools too difficult to use for you, please come immediately https://seoims.com/ ours.

What can IMS SEO services help you with?

  • Lead customers to your website by helping your website improve rankings and top keywords that customers search for.

  • As long as the product page is on page 1 of Google, you will attract a large number of potential customers, compared to a competitor website located in a worse position.

  • SEO is affordable for small and medium businesses.

Time to top of keywords

  • SEO IMS is committed to pushing keywords to the front page of Google within 3 months to 6 months.

  • When keywords appear on the front page, we continue to SEO to push to higher positions such as top 5, top 3, top 1.


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