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Submit link, also known as submit url, is a very important and familiar term for SEO people. This means that the "report or report" used to declare links helps google bugs to note that this website is new content, or return to read the article and return the fastest index results.

No matter how good you write your article, how seo it is, that article will be meaningless. If not indexed by google, also known as google index. Only when your article is google indexed, then your article will appear when someone searches. So every time you write an article, then submit the url to the google bug almost immediately to read the article and return index results, that's how we protect our results. After we spend a lot of time making content, but other people just need to use Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, that's unfair, that's why google launched the website submission tool, to avoid causing unfair to content producers or website owners.

What is Webmaster tool submit?

webmaster tool submit

Fetch as Google is also the fastest way to submit google urls to help Google prioritize indexing in search engines and also record the keywords (if any) of the article when conducting a search.

The use of submitting url to google in google webmaster tool

  • Declare with google the newly completed articles

  • Protect your content from copying. Whoever indexes the content of the post that belongs to that person, whoever indexes the next is automatically stolen and penalized

  • Report your site changes to google: When you are attacked, keywords are demoted, and then hidden backlink is inserted again, what should you do? When you know the cause and fix it but google does not know this right away. You need to submit the url to let google know your web is completely clean, but wait for google index to make sure the opponent and the keyword have gone too far ...

  • Shorten the waiting time for google index to less than 1 minute

General Guidelines of Google

The data collection process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Be patient and track progress using the Indexing status report or the URL Check tool.

All methods described here have the same response time.

There is a limit on the number of URLs that can be sent.

Requests to crawl multiple times for the same URL or sitemap will not help the page or sitemap get crawled faster.


Choose which type of Googlebot fetch. This affects the crawler performing the fetch and also affects the display for the Fetch and Rend request.

  • For websites, use the Googlebot crawler.

  • For news, use the Googlebot crawler (not Googlebot News).

  • For images, use the Googlebot Images crawler.

  • For videos, use the Googlebot Video crawler.

  • For pages with AdSense code, use the Google AdSense crawler.

  • For ad landing pages, use the Google AdsBot crawler.

  • Mobile: Smartphone

Current - Use the current version (but will soon be replaced) by the Google Smartphone crawler.

Upcoming - Use the latest version of Google Smartphone crawler.

Mobile: cHTML [Một tập hợp con hầu hết các điện thoại cơ bản tiếng Nhật]. Use the DoCoMo Google Mobile crawler. Display is not supported.

Mobile: XHTML / WML [Di động: cHTML không sử dụng được với điện thoại cơ bản] Use the SAMSUNG XHTML / WML crawler. Display not supported.

Normally, you should leave the desktop as default

Fetch: Fetch a specified URL in your web page and display an HTTP response. Do not request or run any related resources (such as images or scripts) on the page. This is a relatively quick process that you can use to check or debug suspicious network or security issues with your website and see if the request succeeds or fails.

Fetch and render: Fetches a specified URL in your web page, displays the HTTP response and even displays the page on a certain platform (desktop or smartphone). This process requires and runs all resources on the page (such as images and scripts). Use this process to spot the differences between how Googlebot sees your page and how users see your page.

Crawl this URL: Only choose when your page is new or recently updated. Google does not guarantee that all links to this URL will be indexed.

Crawl this URL and its direct links: Choose when your site has changed content significantly. Google will use this URL as a starting point in your web indexing. Google does not guarantee to index all links on your web.


Tip: As usual after submitting the url to increase the index speed and normally after submitting the google boot finished, at that time you should share the article on social networks facebook or google always. Make sure to search the whole title once you will be ranked immediately.

Every time you have updated your information, then after finishing editing, you should still perform this step for Google to recognize the latest content of your article. This is an important note for you to do content because google loves content to be updated even if the article has ranked well.

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