What is Win? The most frequently asked questions when installing Windows

Currently, reinstalling win is the solution that many people look for when they want to improve the speed of the machine, or fix the errors that the machine is facing. So What is win? In which cases should reinstall win, as well as the most frequently asked questions when installing Windows. Join us to find out right away.

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Learn about install win is what?

If you do not know, then win is an operating system for computers, or laptops. Installing Windows will be one of the great solutions for you to renew your computer, or laptop with a new Windows operating system. Currently, installing win 7 and installing win 10 is considered the most stable operating win type today.

In which cases should reinstall win

To answer for you what cases should be reinstall win then let's find out right away.

1 / When you just bought a computer or laptop

Normally, when you just buy a laptop, there will be computers that have the manufacturer's Windows operating system installed. However, normally this type of computer will have a higher cost than computers that do not have windows pre-installed. However, you can completely reinstall Windows to choose the version you love the most as well as delete the bundled software from the manufacturer.

2 / The computer is infected with a virus or the computer is running slowly

One fact that everyone can not deny is that the longer you use the computer, it will affect the speed of the machine, and the operating system of the computer too. At first, when I just reinstalled the windows operating system, everything was very smooth, with high access speed. However, those advantages will gradually decrease over time. The longer it is used, the more junk files in the operating system, ... make the operating system slower and more susceptible to virus infections.

3 / The laptops of MAC (apple) also need to reinstall Windows

MAC OS laptops have always been known for their absolute stability and security. However, if your whole company is using the Windows operating system and only you use the OS operating system will make you feel lost, and the printing and sharing of documents is also more difficult. Therefore, the MAC laptops also need to reinstall Windows if you want.

Frequently asked questions when installing Windows for the computer

1 / What do I need to install Windows?

First, to install win, you should learn first how to access BOOT MENU, must have both a Win or Usb installation disc to reinstall Win. In particular, you should preview how to install win so that the installation is smooth. In short, it is advisable to study carefully and read all the information and things to do before installing Win.

2 / Does setting win lose data?

Normally, when you install Windows, if you save files, folders as well as necessary documents in drive C, when you install Win again, it will be lost. Also, folders such as Download, Picture, ... are also lost because it is also in the operating system. Therefore, before reinstalling Windows, you should make sure to back up all your documents to another area so that when installing win, it is not lost.

3 / Should install Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 or Windows 10?

Usually, if you ask me should install windows operating system Which one, we recommend you to choose Windows 7 or Windows 10. Because Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 is not much better than Windows 7 but it is far behind Windows 10. That's why we think you should not choose Choose Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system.

For operating systems Windows 7 then it is suitable for all types of mid-range computers. In particular, you will not get the 100% Full disk error like Windows 8 and above versions.

4 / Can I delete the virus when I reinstall Windows?

Many people think that when reinstalling Windows, you can delete all the viruses on your computer. Please, this is only partially true. When you reinstall Windows, you can only delete and clean the virus on the Windows installation area. Therefore, if areas other than Win are infected with viruses, you will not be able to delete them.

Therefore, if your computer is infected with a virus outside the operating area of ​​the Windows system, it is best to buy copyrighted anti-virus software to ensure the safety and security of the computer.

5 / Does reinstalling win much harm to the hard drive?

When reinstalling win, it will more or less harm your hard drive. As I have already explained, reinstalling Windows is really just overwriting after each erase, this will cause the hard drive to wear out a little bit. The rest, the other parts have no damage.

6 / How much time does it take to reinstall Windows?

Normally, when installing window, it will take you from 20 minutes - 40 minutes to install. However, if you are a beginner, the time may take a lot longer.

In short, above is the information that we think is essential for you to learn about "What is win?"Is also the case in which you should win again. Hope this information will help you

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