Working Efficiently With Effective Pomodoro

Work Efficiently With Pomodoro Method Effectively

I, You, we all have different starting points. But, I am sure you will not avoid the difficulties and difficulties that make you pessimistic, sometimes you want to give up because you are helpless, want to surrender everything.

Stop here.

If you are a person who is under a lot of pressure at work, read on ... Ngan will help you have a different perspective on the pressure of life at work.

Difficult Days From The Handshake

Today you are strongly determined to complete a list of tasks that you set out last night. In the morning, as usual, you wake up and tell yourself how to open facebook, gmail ... You tell that you will only spend the first 30 minutes reading new news every day from facebook, website ... before embarking on the task list. perfect there.

An hour later ...

You have not started at work yet, even the motivation is no longer blood like when you determined that you will get all the work done today, you tell yourself just a little longer, I have a whole day but.

And then you spend all morning just chatting with friends, watching tik tok ... If using the social network for the right purpose, I think it is not a problem. But if you do not know what you surf for, why I surf ... So much more deadline for this job. Make you helpless with yourself and decide to let go. At the end of the day, your work is still not done and you console yourself: "Well that will definitely be done tomorrow, I have a week left".

And then we are forever immersed in social networks without knowing the deadline will be proportional to the stagnation of your work, in other words the deadline is proportional to the time you sit watching tiktok, chatting with friend…

Besides, many of you have tried a lot, but the result was not as you expected.

First Live and Work Optimistically

You think you are miserable, have a low starting point, not a high salary, a pressure job, a co-worker, a chasing deadline ... is a misfortune. However, Ngan still sees many more unfortunate lives than we are. The 90-year-old grandmother still had to sit on the road begging, people who had to sleep at night and befriended the trash on the corners of district 10, district 4 ... Even the magnificent district 1 still had to wander the streets. Always remember that your suffering is just like a small leaf in the middle of a autumn forest full of leaves.

Therefore, do not just because of a small failure that pessimistic. The date is long, the future is still ahead. You are young, there is still a chance, what need to waste youth for irreversible failures? Whatever you are U20. U30, U40 or anyone. Smile, be optimistic and believe you can do it.

Smile is like a magic to help your mood become better. Always smile and give yourself a chance to live a better and more meaningful life. No matter how you stumble, always be an optimistic and happy person !!

Releasing Pressure Using the Pomodoro Method

Laughing is not enough. So how can we eliminate pressure?

If you are an inventor, designer or anyone working in the creative field: book writers, editors, software engineers, game developers, applications, copywriters, content staff, writing script…. Anyone who is "stuck" or has a lot of work that needs to be solved and feels helpless because he cannot concentrate even for a short time, the Pomodoro method will help you have a different thought when work.

Pomodoro method

Pomodoro method
Pomodoro method

Pomodoro (Italian for tomato) is a time management method that maximizes the concentration of work introduced by Francesco Cirillo - CEO of an Italian software company in 1980. The reason Francesco Cirillo used a tomato-shaped watch to track the time when the method was created.

Because we feel pressured and don't meet deadlines because of distracting work. So when faced with large tasks or series of tasks, it is divided into small tasks to do in a short amount of time, alternating between short work intervals are short breaks. This will train your brain to focus on working for a short time, putting you in a situation where there are always deadlines for getting work done and also being recharged regularly.

Steps to implement Pomodoro method

Step 1: Choose the job you are going to do.

Step 2: Set the time, usually 25 minutes.

Step 3: Work until 25 minutes have passed

Step 4: Take a 5 minute break.

Step 5: After the above 4 breaks, take a longer break with 10 minutes (or 15-30 minutes depending on work and strength of each person).

Principles When Using the Pomodoro Method

Principles of Using the Pomodoro Method
Principles When Using the Pomodoro Method

first . Focus on doing only one thing at 100% of the time.

2. If the job is finished before Pomodoro finishes, you need to spend the rest of the time checking and optimizing the job until the end of that Pomodoro.

3) During breaks (5 minutes, 10 minutes breaks), you need to rest really. Close your eyes, listen to music, drink water, massage your head, face, meditate, organize your desk, take a walk in the office, or do simple things that do not require much thought.

4.When you rest, absolutely avoid everything related to the Internet, Facebook ... because they can stimulate your excitement, but nature still makes the brain more tired.

You can adjust the Pomodoro method to suit your personal working style.

Work for 90 minutes: Instead of focusing on a 25-minute Pomodoro, try working in 90-minute sessions. This is also a natural cycle of concentration.

Working at a natural time: can set natural timelines in your life, such as the time between meetings, the time until your children go home or until they sit down at the table, ..

Personalize: track your performance and find out how best works for you

All of these methods still hold Pomodoro's core principles to work at specific intervals - but they adjust the stages to better suit individual needs.

Peretz Lavie's study of the Ultradian rhythm coincided with these findings, namely: a long working time (90-100 minutes) followed by a short break (15-30 minutes). ) is in sync with our natural energy cycle, and thus allows us to maintain a high level of concentration and energy throughout the day.

Benefits of using the Pomodoro method

Benefits of using the Pomodoro method
Benefits of using the Pomodoro method

  1. No more mistakes made by lack of concentration

  2. Reduce fatigue, stress

  3. Learn how to simplify and organize tasks

  4. Increasing motivation, interest in work

  5. Learn how to make friends with time rather than enemies

  6. Get the job done on time

  7. Create an effective team schedule for achieving multiple goals, handling unintended tasks and changes.

I tried and I realized. A lot of work because I used to not know how to split them up and not concentrate when I worked. Let elements of Social Media affect work efficiency. Since then I have felt pressure and many times failed because I wanted to let go because I couldn't finish it forever. Many studies show that, when we are highly focused on doing something but have another thing interfered with such as listening on the phone, reading messages, it takes at least 15 minutes to regain training. Medium as at first. Concentration will be affected by many unrelated factors such as fatigue due to working long hours, sleepiness, and bad self-discipline.

Some Applications Support the Pomodoro Method

1. Tomato Timer: This website gives you an electronic watch to help keep track of Pomodoro.

Web link:

2. Marinara Timer: this is a website that allows you to set breaks and working hours.

Web link:

3. Tomighty (Win / Mac / Linux) is a cross-platform software that allows you to install on your computer so you can use it more smoothly.

Link Tomighty:


Pomodoro method seems to be easy to implement, but it is not only successful that everyone can succeed, and also depends on the determination of each person.

Hope that the sharing of Ngan will help you live more optimistically and focus so you can eliminate the pressure in your work.

Writer: Thu Ngann

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