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If you own an iPhone 7 or are about to own it, don't forget the following 6 iPhone 7 tips that you need to know, although not too outstanding tips, but with the following 6 tips for sure will help you use iPhone 7 effectively

With the following 6 iPhone 7 tips will help you a lot in using the newly released iPhone 7 running on the latest iOS 10 operating system from Apple. Although the iPhone is no longer a strange product, the use of iOS 10 sometimes makes users confused. Moreover, the iPhone 7 is said to be a phone that focuses all the most unique and attractive features of Apple

6 tips for using iPhone 7 you need to know

1. 3D Touch.

3D Touch has been perfected in iOS 10, especially with iPhone 7 devices. New features include:

- Emphasize on Message, quickly create a new message.

- Emphasis on Instagram, for quick searching or quick posting of a new photo.

- When new notifications appear on the lock screen, instead of unlocking, you can use 3D Touch to view and reply to messages easily.

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6 iPhone 7 tips you need to know - use 3D Touch

2. Adjust Home button feel.

Because there is no physical Home key, the iPhone 7 allows users to customize the force to press the Home button. IPhone 7/7 Plus users can customize the Home key's sensitivity from light to strong depending on their needs.

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6 tips for using iPhone 7 you need to know - get familiar with touch home button

3. Bedtime feature.

Bedtime is a sleep tracking feature on the iPhone 7. Users can easily track their sleep, the software will record your sleep and when combined with the Heath application to take care of your health. , in addition to the Bedtime application can also help you alarm

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6 iPhone 7 tips you need to know - Bedtime feature

4. Flashlight Brightness.

Using 3D Touch user can change the brightness of the flashlight when using Flash. Press firmly on the flashlight in the Control Center and you'll see the custom Flash levels, you can fully customize the appropriate brightness levels on the iPhone 7 because it has up to 4 flashes.

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6 iPhone 7 tips you need to know - flashlight brightness

5. Quickly open Camera.

This is not really a feature only on the iPhone 7 but it is a feature for devices running iOS 10 and above, with the revamped LockScreen interface that allows you to simply swipe to the right to quickly open the Camera. on iPhone 7 okay.

iphone 7 crystal capsule

6 iPhone 7 tips you need to know - quickly open Camera

6. Restart iPhone.

Even though it is the most perfect phone, the iPhone 7 is also hard to avoid minor errors, even crashes and in that case you can completely fix and handle the problem, you can reboot using the Power key and volume down.

Above, Taimienphi.vn shows you 6 tips for using iPhone 7 to help you manage in all necessary situations as well as use your phone more proficiently. And no matter what operating system you are using, you need to save battery power for your iPhone, saving iPhone battery will make the experience longer. You should also not ignore the way to copy videos to iphone, copy music and movies from computer to iPhone. Because copying videos to iPhone is fastest if you want to watch videos and photos on your computer with your phone.

To support data copying effectively, users should also use iTools software. This software is used by Apple users instead of iTunes. ITools software makes it easier to connect to the iPhone, faster file exchange between two devices. This is an indispensable software on your computer to copy data.


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