Apple releases iOS 14 Developer Beta 8 -

Currently the update is only for Developer, the Public beta may update soon in a few hours. As usual, Apple continues to perfect iOS 14 beta for the upcoming official release, and at the same time Apple has also updated iPadOS 14 Developer beta 8.

In this iOS 14 beta 8, there are still bugs ahead:

  • Still cannot sync data from Maps when using from iOS and iPadOS 13

  • Some Widgets lost display outside of Home, had to add again from the beginning

  • Continue to update…

If you want to register to use Public beta for iOS 14:

  • To enter

  • Sign in with your Apple ID

  • Select the iOS tab

  • Scroll down and select "Enroll your iOS Device"

  • Select download beta profile

  • After downloading, open Settings, there will be Profile and you choose to go there, click Install (Install) is done

  • Then can go to General Settings (General) - select Software Update (Software Update) to download the Public beta and use.

Apple released iOS 14 Developer Beta 8, invite you to update!

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