Bloomberg: Apple will not launch the iPhone 12 series at the upcoming September 15 event -

Apple has officially set a new product launch event on September 15 and is expected to have a very much awaiting iPhone 12 series. However, it looks like September 15 won't happen.

Accordingly, journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that the Apple event taking place on September 15 will still be held through an online event because the Corona virus epidemic is still complicated in the US and this is the second event. Apple organized this way after the WWDC 2020 conference held in June 2020.

Although the website did not announce anything, but according to the invitation to the media, Apple wrote the words "Time flies" and it seems to have nothing to do with the iPhone 12 series as many expected.

He said the iPhone 12 series will not launch until October and this indirectly confirms recent news as the supply chain for the new iPhone has been repeatedly interrupted and production. The series will begin over the next few days.

According to him, Apple is currently preparing the final steps for the Apple Watch Series, iPad Air, HomePod and next-generation earphones with many prominent upgrades. Additionally, Apple is likely to introduce new Mac computers running Apple Silicon chips instead of Intel before the end of this year.

IPhone 12 series with redesigned back, supporting 5G connectivity, hardware upgrade,…. will be released in the near future, along with the official updates for its devices. As such, this also confirms information in the metadata in Apple's upcoming live video:

With the tweet above, we can see that there is no word "iPhone" in the metadata string. In addition, Apple may also launch other products such as the 8th generation iPad, Apple TV, AirPower, AirTag,…. in the upcoming September and October event.

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