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During the "Time Flies" event, Apple introduced the 8th generation iPad with a chip that was significantly faster than the previous generation using the A10 Fusion chip, which was found on the iPhone 7 duo released 4 years ago. year.

iPad 8th generation will be equipped with A12 Bionic chip, this chip also appeared on the iPhone XS, iPad mini 5 and iPad Pro 2018. According to Apple data, A12 Bionic offers 40% faster performance and processing Graphics are twice as fast.

In fact, Apple said during the presentation that this new iPad is up to two times faster than the majority of laptops sold today and three times faster than Android tablets, as well as six times faster. compared to Chromebook laptops.

And because the A12 Bionic chip has a built-in Neural Engine, this is Apple's name for a hardware tool that speeds up machine learning tasks. (machine learning), hence the most popular iPad is getting some features that it couldn't have done before because the processor was not designed to be optimized for machine learning.

In photography, for example, AR (augmented reality) will be improved and categorize objects in the Photos application more accurately. The Neural Engine in the A12 Bionic is capable of performing up to 5 trillion operations per second.

The new 8th Gen iPad is also compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio keyboard and the Logitech iPad keyboard. It works effectively with Apple Pencil (generation 1) thanks to the many new and improved features in iPadOS 14, that come pre-installed when you buy it.

And last but certainly not least, this new iPad starts at just $ 329 (about 8 million dong) or 299 USD if you are a student or student purchased from the Apple Store.

During the event, Tim Cook said that 500 million iPads have been sold around the world to date. In addition, Apple is also celebrating the 10 years of the iPad because the first version came out a decade ago.

He added that 53% of first-time buyers use an iPad. And the iPad has consistently ranked first in customer satisfaction scores every year since its inception.

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