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iOS 14 has been officially released to users and in the past few days, iOS community has experienced widgets on the home screen, customized according to each person's preferences. Many third-party apps have supported home screen widgets for the past few days, but one that stands out from the rest, that is Widgetsmith.

This app is also just recently released and completely free, allowing you to create custom and personalized widgets based on your preferences for the home screen of iOS 14.

In Widgetsmith, there are three different widget sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. Each widget can display various types of information and is customized with different font styles, colors, and background colors.

The widget creation process is extremely simple. You just need to press the button "Add" for the widget size you want to create, then click on the widget to customize it.

Below is the information that widgets in the Widgetsmith app support:

  • Time
  • Day
  • Customization: Photo, Photo in Album, custom text, blank
  • Calendar
  • Reminder
  • Weather
  • Health & Activity

Within each type of information, there are different options for displaying that information. From there, you can further customize the font style, color, and background color. Depending on the aesthetic of each person, the result will be beautiful widgets besides displaying useful information.

After you've designed widgets in the Widgetsmith app, you can go back to the home screen, press and hold on empty space or on the app, then tap the icon "+" in the upper left corner. Find Widgetsmith in the list of apps, then choose the size of the widget you created.

On the iOS 14 home screen, you can use as many widgets from Widgetsmith as you like. Once you've added a Widgetmith widget to your home screen, long press on it, select "Fix add-ons" (Edit Widget) and choose the option "Utilities" (Widget) to choose from more widgets that you have created in the Widgetsmith app.

Widgetsmith also supports timed widgets, allowing you to replace widgets on your home screen at a specific time of day. For example, you can create a widget to display the current day until the day ends, then Widgetsmith will automatically change widgets to show what you need to do in the next day's Calendar.

The drawback of widgets on iOS 14 is that it only opens the app where it was created. For example, you can use widgets Activity Rings from Widgetsmith, but it will open the data in the Widgetsmith app, not in the default iOS Fitness app. This is a limitation of iOS 14 itself, not Widgetsmith, I hope Apple will change this in the future.

Have you tried Widgetsmith to create widgets on your iOS 14 home screen yet? Or you have another "delicious" widget creating app, please share with me and other friends in the comments below.

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