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To celebrate the transition from IOS Tricks (thuthuatios.com) to iThuThuat.vnToday, I will organize a small game for you to join and have a chance to receive MOPHIE gift packages worth up to 1,080,000 VND.

Update: Game has ended

iThuThuat.vn - IT DISCUSSION formerly known as Tips for iOS Blog (thuthuatios.com), after nearly 4 years of development has been renamed iThuThuat.vn.

See more in the article "IOS Tricks has become iThuThuat.vn"

With the development goal is a blog sharing completely free knowledge, tips and tutorials on how to use Apple's mobile operating system. (iOS and iPadOS), as well as sharing news about Apple products.

How to join

first. Like fanpage of iThuThuat.vn at: https://www.facebook.com/iThuThuatvn

2. Share articles this on personal Facebook in public with hashtag #iThuThuatGame.

3. Comment on this article in the following form:

- What do you like about iThuThuat.vn:
- Do you want iThuThuat.vn to improve anything?
- Facebook share link:

How to get Facebook share link

On the phone

  1. Click Share below your post.
  2. Choose More options ...
  3. Press Copy is done.

On the computer

  1. Find the post you shared.
  2. Click on the date and time you shared.
  3. Copy the link displayed in the search bar.

Time takes place

Since 9/9/2020 come the end of September 14, 2020.

Participation rules

  • Enter correct information in the comment form let me contact if you win, especially emailIf I cannot contact you if I enter incorrectly, you will send the gift to another friend.
  • After valid comment in this post, you will get a code. When the game is over, I will gather and proceed to dial on random.org, as well as live stream on iThuThuat.vn fanpage.
  • Each of you can comment only once in this article. In case of comment more than 01 times, I only get the first comment.
  • The valid participating comments are the ones that comply with the above requirements. When I check the Facebook sharing link, you must see your share.
  • My decision will be the final one.


Photo: cau3.daohoa - Tinhte
  • 01 friend Luckily share contributions that I find the most helpful will receive 01 set of fast charging cable MOPHIE Power Delivery 18W USB-C worth 1,080,000 VND.
  • 01 friend the next luck will get 01 set of 10W USB-A MOPHIE fast charging cable worth 680,000 VND.
  • 01 friend the next luck will get 01 USB-C to Lightning MOPHIE 1M cable worth VND 490,000.
  • 01 friend the next luck will get 01 Lightning MOPHIE 1M cable worth 390,000 VND.

* All the above gifts are genuine and original boxes, not used.

If you do not know, MOPHIE is one of the leading brands of manufacturing accessories in the US, licensed by Apple and sold widely in Apple Stores around the world. So the use of these company's charging cable products will help you feel secure about the quality as well as the assurance.

Receiving gifts

I will send gifts to the winners' homes, you will not have to pay any extra costs.

After the game is over, I will contact the winner via email you entered at the time of commenting, asking for the address for me to send the gift After 03 days since I sent the email, if I do not see a reply, the gift will be transferred to another friend.

List of winners

Because the number of participants is not much and all entries are valid, I will no longer shoot random but give gifts according to your sharing, below is a list:

NoNameGifts received
firstQuang Hung01 set of Mophie 18W fast charging cable
2Louis Nguyen01 Mophie 10W fast charging cable
3Hoang Nhi01 USB-C to Lightning Mophie 1M cable

I will contact the winners to get the information to send gifts, remember to check mail so you do not miss your email.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or go to the contact page and email me, I will answer for you.


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