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IPhone users have long complained about the fact that the Camera app that saves their selfies is reversed, even though it doesn't look upside down. Thankfully, since iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have allowed you to fix this annoying problem. Therefore, your photos will appear exactly as recorded by the front camera, the same way when taken, not vice versa.

Why is your selfie bounce?

Have you ever wondered why the selfies from the iPhone are reversed? The simple answer is that before the selfie came out, we were all accustomed to seeing ourselves reflected in mirrors and other surfaces that create reflections with left and right reversals.

The preview area in the Camera app only shows what we're used to seeing ourselves in the mirror.

Before iOS 14, your selfies will be accurately saved, meaning that your selfie is not actually reversed, but because the preview area in the Camera app simulates you're looking in the mirror. reverse. As a result, you get more of what the camera saw at the moment you took the picture than what you saw through the camera preview area, which is unreasonable.

It wasn't until iOS 14 that Apple added an option to reverse your selfies. You can now choose between battered or non-inverted selfies.

Manually reverse the selfie

In iOS 13 and earlier, you can manually reverse your selfie using the editing tools in the Default Photos app. Just select the Crop tool and click on the icon on the top left (looks like a pair of triangles with the arrow above) to reverse the photos you have taken.

On iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 and above, you can still reverse the photo the way above, but adding a nifty option lets you set up the camera so it only saves your selfies that match what you look at. found in the Camera app preview area.

The devices support this feature

In the official iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 versions, it's not clear why Apple dropped this feature on older devices, although it is still available in beta. Here are the devices that support the selfie reverse feature:

  • iPhone XS, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR and above.
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch generation 3 or higher.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch 1st generation or later.
  • iPad Air 3 and up.
  • iPad mini 5 and up.

How to take a selfie photo is not reversed on iPhone

first. Open the app Setting on your device up.

2. Scroll down and select Camera.

3. Turn on options Symmetrical front camera (Mirror Front Camera) up.

From now on, the Camera application will save your selfies exactly as you see them in the preview area.

In other words, selfies taken with the front camera in the default Camera app will no longer be reversed as before.

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