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If you feel that upgrading iOS 10.1 is taking too long, try upgrading iOS 10.1 via iTunes below that will guide you to shorten the waiting time when the download process. Device updates take place over time and take time and battery life of the device.

In the article instructed you how to upgrade iOS 10.1 by updating directly on the device, also known as upgrade to iOS 10.1 Through OTA, this is a way to help us upgrade iOS directly but it takes too much time in the process of downloading the upgrade, so will continue to guide you how to upgrade iOS 10.1. iTunes so you can quickly upgrade to your iPhone and iPad.

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Instructions to upgrade iOS 10.1 via iTunes, update iOS 10.1 on a computer

* To perform the iOS 10.1 upgrade via iTunes you need

- Download iOS 10.1 Firmware file suitable for your device which has been synthesized by through the article downloadiOS 10.1 high speed.

- Download the latest version of iTunes tool here: Download iTunes machine.

- When performing the iOS 10.1 upgrade via iTunes, your device needs to have at least 50% of the device's battery life.

* How to upgrade iOS 10.1 via iTunes

To do how to update iOS 10.1 via iTunes, you do the following:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPad device to the computer via a USB connection cable

Step 2: When the computer has successfully detected the device, we turn it on iTunes Click on the device icon as shown below.

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Step 3: Next to be able to upgrade to iOS 10.1 via iTunes we hold Shift + click choose Check for Update.

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Step 4: Then the program will ask to search the folder containing the iOS 10.1 Firmware File that was downloaded above, click and select Open File as shown below to open the iOS Firmware file.

cap cap ios 10.1

Step 5: Immediately iTunes will ask you if you want to confirm upgrading iOS 10.1 via iTunes, click Update.

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Step 6: Immediately the iOS 10.1 upgrade will take place automatically, and your device will need to reboot. Next, the screen will show Apple Logo icon.

cap cap ios 10.1

The process will conclude your device has completed the iOS 10.1 upgrade via iTunes.
So we have finished learning how to upgrade iOS 10.1 via iTunes to be able to easily and quickly update iOS 10.1 on the computer for your iPhone, iPad device without spending too much time waiting to download. This update, even with this way of upgrading iOS 10.1 via iTunes, you can skip upgrading iOS 10.0.2 to upgrade other devices than upgrading iOS via OTA requires you to upgrade to iOS 10.0. 2 to upgrade iOS to the next version for your iPhone, iPad device, in addition, after you have experienced all the new features on your iPhone, iPad with iOS 10.1 upgraded version can proceed. Downgrade your device to 10.0.2 if you feel that iOS 10.1 is not suitable for your device, and to downgrade iOS 10.1 to iOS 10.0.2 you need to download the iOS 10.0.2 Firmware File, list article Download link, Download iOS 10.0.2 will help you easily download your device with high speed.


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