Instructions to manually sideload the app using AltStore + AltServer Patcher to install IPA on iOS / iPadOS devices -

Surely many of you are having a headache with the problem unc0ver or other jailbreak apps. If you're using macOS, it's pretty straightforward, but what about Windows?


Basically, AltStore is a tool to help install (sideload) iOS apps using an IPA file similar to Cydia Impactor.


Support up to 10 applications on a device when installed by IPA file; Don't worry about certificate revocation thanks to the app's ability to re-sign the certificate on your phone (including AltStore app); Self-renew the application's certificate over WiFi if the iPhone / iPad is connected to a computer running AltServer. ”



Download and install Altstore

You can download this tool through: AltStore Home


Choose the version suitable for your operating system (Windows or MacOS). For Windows operating system, you need to use Windows 10 and Altstore currently only offers beta version at the time of writing. Here Windows 7 and Windows 8 also run

How to set up and use Altstore

. For Windows, download iTunes via the following address: iTunes

. For MacOS, iTunes is installed by default, you just need to go to the Mac Appstore to update it to the latest version.

. You also need to download iCloud when using Windows: iCloud for Windows


After downloading, click the downloaded file to open Altstore.


Install Alstore App on iOS / iPadOS devices

Altstore will install an application on your iOS / iPadOS device with the same name so that you can install IPA directly on your phone later.

Plug in the cable to connect the computer to the mobile device, look at the Altstore icon on the Taskbar on the computer and hover the mouse on the words "Install Altstore"

Here, if the computer recognizes your device, it will show the device name (in this case, iPhone)

Enter your Apple ID account in the pop-up window

If it says "AltStore already installed on another device ...", click OK to confirm and begin the process of installing AltStore on your iPhone / iPad.

The above message means that if you entered the AppleID you just used to install Alstore on another iPhone / iPads, it will disable the Altstore on that old device.

After the AltStore installation on your iPhone / iPad is complete, you need to Trust the app under Settings> General> Device Management & Configuration like normal apps.

Install IPA on your phone via Altstore

Open AltStore> go to the Settings tab> sign in with the Apple ID account used earlier when installing the tool from a computer.

Open Safari (keep iPhone / iPad connected to PC)> Go to a web page where you can download IPA files (for example, page: Download unc0ver > Download the application you want to use.

After downloading the IPA file of the application, open AltStore> switch to the My Apps tab> click the + sign in the upper left corner of the screen> select the previously downloaded IPA file to start the application installation process.

You can use the application immediately after completing the installation in AltStore, without having to do developer trust action again in System Settings.

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