Maybe we have to wait until October to get iPhone 12 -

According to CEO of Broadcom - Hock Tan has just said that "a potential customer of Broadcom in North America has to reschedule the phone sale", somewhat understands that Broadcom may be referring to Apple in delaying the launch of the iPhone 12. Next October, and Apple and Broadcom have always collaborated on integrating wireless chips on the iPhone.

We may have to wait until October to get the iPhone 12

In addition, according to Apple information leak specialist - Jon Prosser has just said that the iPhone 12 will be released on October 12, until the 19th will deliver to the user. For the iPhone 12 Pro it will take until November - similar to the iPhone X back in 2017.

It is worth noting that Jon mentioned that on September 7, there will be a new Apple Watch and a new iPad - only released by Apple on the website. So we are about to have 2 new hardware products this month.

All iPhone 12 models are said to have 5G, OLED screens, for the Pro line, there are more LiDAR sensors as on the current iPad Pro.

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