Music Pro stopped supporting iOS, temporarily removed from the App Store due to some legal issues -

Recently, the application development team Music Pro has officially posted a notice to suspend support for the iOS version and temporarily hide from the App Store due to some legal issues with third parties.

If you do not know, Music Pro is an application that supports listening to music directly from YouTube, possessing a beautiful interface, providing many unique and trend-building themes for young people. You can enjoy your favorite songs without being interrupted by ads (often appear during video playback on YouTube), organize your playlists personally, or share them with loved ones….

However, in recent times the app has been sued by a number of third parties to Apple and asked to snooze from the App Store, affecting the distribution of the search fix that many users use. are currently experiencing. The probability for Music Pro to return to the App Store is small, although the development team is working hard to contact and talk to Apple about legal issues.

As a result, previously downloaded Apple IDs can still be reset from the history section of the account settings, if the new user won't be able to find Music Pro in the app store at this time. As for the error of not finding the song (on iOS) is currently quite "unlucky", it might recover by itself after a few days, hopefully!


If you purchased the Premium version, you can apply for a refund with the development team through MoMo E-Wallet, the refund process is as follows:

  • Rediscover Music Pro Premium bill on App Store using previously used email address, searchable by phrase Your purchase from Apple will come out.

  • After having the invoice you forward (Forward) the content of that email to the address The content of your MoMo phone number, if you do not have MoMo app, download it here:

  • The money will be transferred to your MoMo account within 24 hours from the time the development team receives the email.

  • If there are refund problems please inbox

You can see the full content of the announcement posted on the Fan Page of the app via the following link

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