Review of the new Monobrasslet for Apple Watch

Today I managed to get my hands on a new Monobracelet for Apple Watch, and the impressions from it so far are positive.

I didn't want to change my Series 4 for new ones Apple Watch Series 6 for my own reasons, but I liked the new Monobracelet.

I liked the simple design the most. No holes, fasteners or other unnecessary items. Just one complete bracelet. In addition, it looked more comfortable than other straps.

I liked both the silicone and braided options. Since silicone costs half as much, I chose it.

Over the years, I have accumulated several third-party straps that I changed quite often. Sometimes I even changed the straps every day to match the colors of the clothes. This period did not last long, but even after that I changed the straps from time to time until I found a wooden one from Bandly.


This is my favorite strap that I have worn every day. Because of this, the strap began to deteriorate slowly, and I had to look for a replacement. I took advantage of the situation and went through all my old straps, leaving only four: two from Apple and two from other companies.


Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to buy the strap on the right. It looks expensive, and is quite high quality, but it was worth a penny. I was often asked about him.

I measured the diameter of my wrist, and it turned out to be 18 cm. This figure corresponds to 9 strap sizes, according to Apple. The size fit perfectly.

When I attached the bracelet to the watch, I did not believe that it would stretch so as to fit on my hand. But he stretched out, and without any effort. The bracelet fits snugly on the hand, but it is very comfortable.


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