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Recently, Apple has officially released iOS 14 operating system version with many changes in the interface and features. And since the update, many users have wondered about the small colored dots appearing in the notification bar.

According to 9to5mac, these are only user privacy notices. Specifically, small orange dots will appear when an application uses your microphone. For example, this orange dot is turned on when using Siri or when you send a voice message to someone.

Meanwhile, a small blue dot will help warn the user about an application that is using your camera. This is quite similar to that on a Macbook or iMac, the LED light will light up when the user's camera is turned on. Additionally, this blue dot could also mean that the app is using your microphone as well.

Shortly thereafter, on the control center bar, the device will notify users of the applications that have used the camera or microphone. As such, this will be able to help users easily control their privacy. If an unrelated application uses these two functions, you can stop granting access or even remove it from your device.

It is known that in previous iOS versions, users will not be able to control which applications use their camera or microphone voluntarily. In addition, although appearing next to notifications about Wi-Fi or 4G, the small dots above are not related to the speed of the device's network access.

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