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They were able to perform the iOS 10.1.1 upgrade for iPhone and iPad devices, but what is iOS 10.1.1 is the question that many people are concerned about when the new iOS 10.1 upgrade is released not long ago. If iOS 10.1.1 is anything new or what are the new features on iOS 10.1.1, let's find out with Taimienphi.vn this issue.

To be able to shorten the process of upgrading iOS 10.1.1 for iPhone and iPad devices, you can upgrade iOS 10.1.1 via iTunes with the Firmware Files suitable for your device. synthesized through articles Download iOS 10.1.1 High speed in the previous article, you can quickly download and upgrade your device to find out what's new in iOS 10.1.1.

What's new in ios 10.1.1

iOS 10.1.1 is nothing new, new features in iOS 10.1.1

Currently iOS 12.1 has been released, to see if you should upgrade to iOS 12.1 or not, please refer to the article What's new in iOS 12.1 here.

iOS 10.1.1 is nothing new, new features in iOS 10.1.1

The size of the iOS 10.1.1 upgrade version is quite compact, only up to 100MB to 200Mb depending on the device, but it can be considered as a "small" upgrade version for iPhone, iPad devices to be able to perfect the features on this iOS 10.

What's new in ios 10.1.1

In this upgraded version of iOS 10.1.1, Apple has taken measures to update and fix the error of not accessing the Health app sync with other devices like Apple Watch.

In addition, this version also helps iPhone and iPad devices have a sharper display, along with a better color interval when taking pictures with the device camera.

Optimized applications running in the background to help devices have longer operating times, especially iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus devices.

So we have just come to terms with new things on iOS 10.1.1 as well as answering the question what is new in iOS 10.1.1 or new features on iOS 10.1.1 for you to know more about the enhanced version. This level as well as deciding whether to upgrade iOS 10.1.1 or not, If you have decided to upgrade iOS 10.1.1 for your iPhone or iPad for better use, please follow the steps in posts upgrade to iOS 10.1.1 To do this, in addition, you can also use the iTunes tool to upgrade iOS 10.1.1 for your device, but you need to download the latest version of iTunes tool. The upgrade process is done, hoping that your iPhone, iPad device will quickly upgrade successfully to experience the stability that iOS 10.1.1 brings to users as well as iPhone, iPad in next time here.


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