11 free chemistry periodic tables on phone and computer

Chemical periodic table for computers

Elements: The Periodic Table is A useful utility for students who need a free periodic table when they can look up elements, compare, view information, and visual images with Vietnamese content right on the application. Ordinary paper boards do not have.

Free Chemical Periodic Table Elements: The Periodic Table Compatible Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. Capacity 15 - 29 MB.

Elements: The Periodic Table
Elements: The Periodic Table

Developer: Naveen CS

Price: Free+

How to look up a chemical periodic table for free on your phone and computer

1. Features:

  • Display encoding as visual color.

  • Simple design and show more details.

  • Detailed descriptions for each element.

  • Displays a list of all elements in alphabetical order.

  • Diagram of electron and image classification for each element.

  • Compare the properties of the two elements.

  • Search for an element using symbols, atomic numbers, or names.

  • Details of the main isotopes.

  • External links to related information pages for other studies.

  • Use does not require a network connection.

  • Supports many languages, including Vietnamese.

2. Usage:

It is not difficult to use this free chemical periodic table, the application will automatically display the language into Vietnamese when entering the program. It includes the following main functional items:

11 free chemical periodic tables on phone and calculator 1

- Periodic table: The main view shows no different sorting elements when you hold a paper periodic table. Also includes 18 columns and groups of elements in pretty similar colors.

The contents are Vietnameseized quite well, you hover over an element to see information about discovery time, melting temperature, boiling temperature, number of electrons per subclass, and electron configuration.

- List: Here, you can see details about any element on the periodic table such as: general properties, physical properties, atomic properties, primary properties, isotopic numbers, images, history, bonds External view of the element.

You can access element details on the holiday table view by clicking on it.

11 free chemical periodic tables on phones and computers 2

- Compare: This section allows you to compare properties between two elements including main properties, physical properties, and atomic properties.

- Setting: You can change languages ​​(restart apps), temperature units, see quick access shortcuts for functions, theme background and colors, ... and much more like customization of the display. elements on the periodic table, install shortcut keys, use images as the interface background, no ads (even using the free version of the periodic table, the writer cannot see any ads), ... You upgrade to the premium version.

Periodic table chemistry for iOS

Periodic Table

This free, graphic and informative periodic table app is the only periodic table you'll ever need. Ideal if you are a student, teacher or just interested in chemical science.

Chemical periodic table

The app also includes podcast and video content. Use the slider to see how elements change state as temperature increases, or explore elements through history.

Download Periodic Table

The K12 Periodic Table of the Elements allows you to explore elements and their main properties in a simple, easy-to-use way. This is the perfect reference for solving homework for Science courses.

Version 3 has the following new and enhanced features:

  • Improved swipe and touch functions show element details like name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, Lewis dot and radius.

  • Colors change in the table to show classification, melting point, boiling temperature, outer orbital, radius, ion radius, electronegativity, and ionizing energy.

  • Temperatures are represented by the Kelvin scale, degrees Celsius, and Fahrenheit.

  • The table includes the newly named elements Darmstadtium (110), Roentgenium (111), Copernicium (112) and Ununhexium (116).

Download the K12 Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodic Table 2020 (Chemistry)

In this Chemical Periodic Table app you will find enormous amounts of free chemical elements data. You will learn a lot of new and useful things for yourself, whether you are a student, student, engineer, housewife or someone of any other regulation that does not have a Chemistry study program.

11 free chemical periodic tables on phones and computers 3

Chemistry is in some of the most important sciences and is one of the main subjects of the school. Its research begins with the Periodic Table. Interactive approach to training material is more effective than the classical method. As in which technology has become home to modern students is used.

This is a free app for iPhone that shows the entire Periodic Table at startup. The long form has been approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) as the core. Besides Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, you can use Solubility Table.

Download Periodic Table 2020

Periodic Table Quiz

Test and improve your knowledge of the chemical elements using the many customizable quizzes available with the free Chemistry Periodic Table Quiz app. The quizzes are available in three formats:

  • Find elements in the periodic table

  • Many choices

  • Enter text

11 free chemical periodic tables on phone and calculator 4

Atomic numbers, weights, symbols and names of all 118 chemical elements can be studied for free using this app.

Download Periodic Table Quiz

Periodic table of chemistry on Android

Periodic Table

The application is similar to the iOS version, with all the information and periodic table you need.

Download Periodic Table for Android

Periodic table 2020

This is the most popular chemical periodic table app on Android.

11 free chemical periodic tables on phone and calculator 5

Mendeleev Periodic Table is an interactive application that will help you penetrate the fascinating world of chemistry and learn how the world around you works. The periodic table in your smartphone is readily available in your pocket to quickly learn all the necessary information about the chemical composition and use it during an exam, in the lab or in at a chemistry class. The periodic table is suitable for both chemistry beginners and chemistry majors or professionals in chemistry.

Download Periodic Table 2020

Periodic Table Pro: Chemical Elements & Properties


This app provides free chemical elements with all details, isotopes of the elements, solubility chart and molar mass calculator in your pocket. Its material design approach provides users with focus on data. It helps you to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams and increase your knowledge.

Download Periodic Table Pro

Elements [Periodic Table]

The periodic table is a useful, logical arrangement of the chemical elements. The elements are listed in ascending atomic order, arranged into elements representing similar attributes arranged in the same row (period) or column (group) together.

11 free chemical periodic tables on phone and calculator 6

This app is an interactive modern periodic table that provides comprehensive and useful information about chemical ingredients all in one place.

Download Elements [Periodic Table]

Elements - Periodic Table

This application is a simple periodic table of the chemical elements.

Download Elements - Periodic Table

Periodic Table 2020

Periodic Table - is a free chemistry periodic table app for Android that shows the entire periodic table in start-up view. The table is accepted by the International Association of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) as the core. Besides the periodic table of chemical elements you can use the Solubility Table.


Download Periodic Table 2020


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