4 ways to watch Apple's iPhone 12 launch event live on October 13

Due to the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic diseases iPhone 12 launch event will be held as a livestream on October 13 at 10 am Pacific time (around 0am on October 14, Vietnam time). Here, Apple is expected to introduce high-end products such as iPhone 12 series, AirTags, AirPods Studio, Apple Silicon Mac ...

So, Apple Disability will live stream the event through devices, TV channels, websites? Find out with MAC!

1. Guide to see the iPhone 12 launch event on Youtube

This is the best way for you to follow Apple's "Hi, Speed" event live on October 13 no matter what platform you use.


The company created a video for the event on its official YouTube page and you can use the “Set a reminder” function to be reminded before the event.

2. Windows 10

Windows users can also watch Apple's event live on their PC. But there is one limitation: you can only do it on the Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10.

If you are using Windows 10, please visit the link below on Microsoft Edge browser:

3. How to watch the iPhone 12 launch event on Apple TV

You can watch the "Hi, Speed" event key through the Apple TV app on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. The steps are as follows:

  • Open the TV app on the device of your choice

  • Scroll down to View Now category and select “Time Flies” in the Search box and select the event “Hi, Speed” from the results.

  • Click Play

How to watch iPhone 12 launch event on Apple TV

If you have a ‌Apple TV‌, then the ‌Apple TV app is probably the easiest way to watch the event live. Apple has yet to update the ‌Apple TV‌ app with the new event, but it will be added soon.

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4. View through iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac

The October 13 event key can be viewed on any Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using Apple's native Safari browser. However, to watch this event, your iOS devices must be iOS 10 or later, while Macs need to run macOS Sierra 10.12 or later.


See through iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac

If you are using an Apple device then just go directly to the event website at 0am on October 14 using the Safari browser and wait until the event starts.

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Above are 4 ways to watch live iPhone 12 launch event October 13, Apple. If the message "Hi, Speed" means (Hello, speed), perhaps this year's high-end Flagship will be one of the super products with the power configuration as well as the 5G connection speed. impressive. Let's wait together!


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