5 "breakthrough" that users expect Apple will equip iPad Pro 2021

On September 15, Apple launched the mid-range tablet model - the iPad Air 4 inherits the design of the iPad Pro. However, iFan must still be waiting for "super product". iPad Pro 2021 with a series of "breakthroughs" such as: amazing performance, 5G support and the use of mini-LED screens ... Discover with MAC!

1. Incredible performance with extremely powerful A14 processor

iPad Air 4 is the first product to be equipped with an extremely powerful A14 processor. Meanwhile, iPad Pro 2018 and 2020 both use the A12 processor with only X and Z tail, performance is almost unchanged.

In addition, if you pay attention you will usually see new even-number chips with X, for example A10X, A12X, so Apple will almost certainly release the A14X in the near future.

Great performance with extremely powerful A14 processor

Currently, A12X is still the best performance mobile chip, even better than the newly launched A14. But when the A14X comes out, performance promises a 30-40% improvement.

From there, giving users a mobile product extremely powerful performance both CPU and GPU and easily surpass many laptops in the market.

2. iPad Pro 2021 will be changed in design

Since the iPad Air 4 is already very similar to the iPad Pro 2020 in design, it is likely that Apple will continue to upgrade the design for iPad Pro 2021 to differentiate the two product lines and also differ from the current iPad Pro.


iPad Pro 2021 will be changed in design

It could be shrinking the bezels further, or adding other identifiers like new colors, or using a new, firmer, more rigid chassis.

3. Use the new Apple Pencil

iPad Air 4 is the first non-Pro device to support Apple Pencil 2, different from generation 1 charging via Lightning port, second generation charging wirelessly when inhaled in the body of iPad. This is inevitable, because Apple cannot support a Lightning-enabled pen for a Type-C iPad.

And since the Apple Pencil 2 has been around for quite some time, with support for the lower iPad line, it's entirely possible that a new generation of pens with many improvements will be released with the new iPad Pro.


Use a new Apple Pencil

One of the ideas Apple can learn is the ability to "remote control" like Samsung's S Pen thanks to the integrated accelerometer and gyroscope inside the pen.

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4. 5G support on iPad Pro 2021

iPad Air 4 is equipped with the latest A14 processor but not yet equipped with 5G connectivity, maybe Apple kept for the iPhone 12. But with iPad Pro 2021 there will almost certainly be one version of Wi-Fi and one that supports high-speed 5G.


5G support on iPad Pro 2021

5G support for the iPad will make a lot of sense, especially with the iPad Pro being used by many users to serve work. It will help us to connect to the network at high speed and handle the job easily anytime, anywhere.

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5. Mini-LED display

In addition to the aforementioned upgrades, Apple most likely will also upgrade the screen for the next-generation iPad Pro. The OLED screen costs too much if you want to put on a large screen device like the iPad, fortunately Apple has found another solution - mini-LED screen.

The fact that Apple has partnered with several mini-LED display suppliers shows iPad Pro 2021 can be fully equipped with this technology.


Mini-LED display

Talking about mini-LED, this screen possesses many advantages of OLED such as high contrast, no "burn-in" phenomenon - save shadows when displaying content for too long. mini-LED's refresh and refresh rates are also faster than OLEDs, which in turn promises to deliver a great experience at an affordable cost.

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Apple is still known as the "king" of technology in the tablet market today. Therefore, we are not too surprised when Apple Disabled will release a model iPad Pro 2021 with a series of "breakthrough" upgrades introduced above. Let's wait together!


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