6 great iOS apps and games are free on October 6, 2020

Photo Power Tools

Photo Power Tools gives you all the tools you need to create photos that catch the eye and stand out from a crowd. Using the application is very easy. All filters and effects have a convenient and accurate real-time preview. You can always easily notice the difference from the original. While editing, you can always revert to a previous version using unlimited undo.

6 great iOS apps and games that are free on October 6, 2020 1

Free download here


Widgetly comes with customization options. You can create photo widget, background photo widget, time display, and step counter widget. You can also create tens of thousands of custom app icons for your home screen customization needs. The free version of the app includes the ability to create two widgets of your choice.

6 great iOS apps and games that are free on October 6, 2020 2

Free download here

Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Math App

Explore the farm with Sherman counting sheep, Pete the playful matching frog and all the barn animals you love as you join Farmer Lily through 100 fun learning games in quests Help her friends in her barn find their way home! Children of all ages can play. Cute farm animals including cow, chicken, goat, pig, sheep, duck and frog.

6 great iOS apps and games that are free on October 6, 2020 3

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Home Workout PRO

The Home Workout PRO app gives you the best experience for home gyms without special equipment. The app includes over 100 exercises with 3D animations to train the whole body and more than 30 tracks to help you find the right motivation to face each challenge.

6 great iOS apps and games available for free on October 6, 2020 4

The Home Workout app is suitable for everyone, both men and women, with daily, weekly and monthly exercise programs to develop all major muscle groups. Just a few minutes a day will help you build muscle and stay in shape at home. No special equipment is required.

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Text Only For Instagram

Text Only is a simple yet quite powerful app for your needs for creating text-only Instagram posts.

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XXX Folder

XXX Folder is a secret folder application that allows you to hide and store photos and videos you don't want others to see. When you start the application, a calculator will appear and when you enter the password you set when starting the application for the first time, the computer will switch to the secret folder. To save data in a secret folder, you can save it by copying and pasting it to the clipboard.

Free download here


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