9 extremely accurate predictions about the computer technology of Steve Jobs

In the past, the late CEO of Apple - Steve Jobs used to make extremely accurate predictions about technology computer Future. Besides, he also believes that it is a product that will revolutionize and completely change the modern industry. Discover with MAC!

1. "We will use the computer at home, for entertainment"

In 1985, Steve Jobs told PlayBoy that the use of computer Individuals will creep into each house. At this point, computer Used in large part by companies, cases, and some entrepreneurs who run a home business. In 1984, only 8% of American households had computer. But in 2015, this had risen to 79%.

"We will use the computer at home, for entertainment"

As Steve Jobs predicted, computer has become an entertainment medium for millions of people, whether it is used to watch movies, TV, play games or chat with friends.

2. "We will all be connected through computers"

Also in this interview, Jobs explains one of the most compelling reasons to buy computer at home is "connected to a national communication network."


"We will all be connected through a computer"

It's worth mentioning that Steve Jobs's prediction came about four years before Tim Berners-Lee laid the foundation for what would become the World Wide Web (WWW) and five years before the first web page went online.

3. "Making things faster, eg copy and paste, with one mouse"

Before creating computer Lisa in 1983, the most instructed to interact with computer will ask the user to input using the keyboard. When Jobs introduced his mouse to Playboy, he performed all the commands in a very simple way, even to those with little experience. computer.

35 years later, rats became something indispensable computerNow, though, the development of touch screens has somewhat blurred the role of this peripheral.

4. "The web dial tone will sound everywhere"

In 1996, when sharing with WIRED, Steve Jobs stated that the web will be used by users all over the world. Although the era of dial-up Internet is over, Steve Jobs' prediction of Internet trends is quite accurate.


Prediction about Internet trends by Steve Jobs

As of April 2019, 4.4 billion people worldwide have used the Internet, representing 56% of the world's population.

5. "You won't have to manage your own memory"

Many years before users knew about cloud services like Google Drive or iCloud, Steve Jobs emphasized the need to bring users more storage media.

“Memory management is an important thing in the field computer. But this could change. You won't have to manage your own memory and probably don't have that much storage, ”Steve Jobs told WIRED in 1996.


"You won't have to manage your own storage"

“I don't store a lot of data, really. I use email and the web a lot and with these two apps I no longer have to manage my own storage. The easiest way to remind yourself of something to do is to email yourself. That's my memory. ”

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6. Apple's strategy is to "put a great computer in a book"

In 1983, computer The individual is very large and looks like a box. But in his keynote address at the International Design Conference in Aspen, Steve Jobs shared his vision of something more portable.

He said of "one computer Incredibly awesome in a book you can take with you and learn to use in five minutes. ”


"Putting a great computer in a book"

Back in 2019, it's not hard to imagine what Steve Jobs is talking about are the ones computer boards, e-readers or even smartphones as we know them today.

7. "It will be like a human being in the box begins to predict what you want."

In an interview with Newsweek, Jobs described it computer as a "character" who can learn about preferences, store information, interact with users and make predictions about the user's needs.

Two years later, virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri became an integral part of the everyday experiences of millions of people.

8. “People will no longer go to the store. And they will buy things over the web ”

In 1995, in his share with the Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation, Steve Jobs emphasized that the biggest impact and impact of the web will be in commercial activities.


Steve Jobs highlighted the web's greatest influence and impact

He also envisioned the Internet would help startups cut costs of distributing goods and services and be able to compete with large corporations by buying and selling directly with users.

Today, millions of companies do commerce on the Internet, from tiny companies to giant Amazon.

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9. "Users will get more information than they can handle."

In 1996, when users were just "toddlers" to get used to sending and receiving emails, Steve Jobs had comments on information overload on WIRED. Today, the average American sees the phone 52 times a day, according to Deloitte.

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Referring to Apple is to mention a giant in the field of technology computer as well as other famous products such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch ... It can be seen that Steve Jobs's extremely accurate predictions have shaped the development path of Apple in the present as well as in the future.


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