A14 Bionic chip, 5G, square design

Apple officially launched the new iPhone 12 with a 6.1-inch screen as before with a smaller rabbit ears, the border design is also square as the old iPhone 5 / 5s. In addition, the iPhone 12 is also equipped with an OLED screen instead of LCD as before. Uses A14 Bionic chip and supports 5G network.

Design & display

The iPhone 12 has a new design, instead of being rounded at the edges, it is now square and thrown in the "box" form as on the iPad Pro or iPhone 5. The bezel is still made of 7000 series aluminum alloy and two front and back glass sides. Apple claims that the iPhone 12 is 11% thinner than the iPhone 11 and 16% lighter. The durable glass surface is coated with a ceramic layer by Apple (no longer need to stick the screen), to ensure that the front glass is stronger and less scratched.

iPhone 12 has 5 colors, especially with very beautiful blue blue.

Screen iPhone 12 is called "Super Retina XDR" with a resolution of 2532 x 1170, 2.8 million pixels with 460 ppi.


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