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Just 1 day after iOS 14 officially reached users, Apple surprised users when it continued to release the first beta of iOS 14.2.

Now, the first question that many people ask will be: "What happened to iOS 14.1?" Although Apple did not give a specific explanation, but some people have speculated that Apple wants to "save" iOS 14.1 officially for the iPhone 12. Since the iPhone 12 is not released yet, so Apple does not want to launch. iOS 14.1 to avoid disclosure, and the company has decided to "leap" to iOS 14.2.

Temporarily dismissing the confusing name, iOS 14.2 brings some new features that are quite useful for iPhone users.

Changes on iOS 14.2 beta

First, Apple integrated Shazam, the song recognition app acquired by it in late 2018, directly into the iPhone.

In addition to asking Siri as before, iOS 14.2 has added a Shazam button on the Control Center. Users just need to click on this button and the song will be recognized immediately.

Note: this feature works even when users do not have Shazam installed on their device.

Second, Apple has made many changes to the interface of the music player.

Starting from the AirPlay menu / player selection, the album cover of the song the user is currently listening to will also appear on this menu.

If you are not listening to a song, the music widget in Control Center will also suggest a few songs that you may want to listen to.

- The lock screen music control widget is also adjusted with a larger album cover, the time display bar is also changed.

Third, Apple has added accessibility features "Human Identity".

This feature is supposed to assist users with vision problems. It calculates the distance between the iPhone user and the people around it, which is very useful in times of social isolation today.

Finally, the Apple Watch app icon has been updated.

This icon uses the image of the latest Apple Watch with Solo Loop strap, released at the last "Time Files" event.


Users who have an iOS Beta developer profile installed can update to iOS 14.2 Beta from now on. For casual users you will need to wait a bit longer.




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