Arrange Icons on Android Screen (2020) ✔️ Anh Dung SEO ✔️

You are using Smart Phone Adroid, too many features make it difficult to use. So let help you integrate all those features with just the Floating Toucher app

Floating Toucher is a free app on Google Play Store. The app helps you to streamline all the features in your device. From flashlight, garbage, wifi, airplane, application arrangement ... all wrapped up in the rotation of Floating Toucher.

Floating Toucher is produced and developed by Digital Lifie International. Optimized for the capacity with only 8MB, convenient download. This application is always the first priority to download for those who like the convenience, simple and fast. Follow the instructions below to immediately install the Floating Toucher for your phone.

Arrange icons on Android screen

Step 1: Enter the CH Play store. You can refer to how install Google Play APK

Next in the search field, type Floating Toucher. Immediately you will see the following application, Press Install (Install) to download to your device.

Love quotes on android screen

Step 2: The downloaded application will automatically have Vietnamese language, very convenient for users. Floating Toucher's interface is very easy to use. To decorate Floating Toucher you press Dashboard or touch swipe to the right.

Love quotes on android screen

Step 3: In the Dashboard view, you will have the following decorative options.

- In the part Panel Background, you can choose the default background colors (sky, meadow ...) for the Floating Toucher.
- If you want to be unique, press the DIY icon and choose to take a photo or choose a photo from your phone.
- The Alpha section allows you to customize the opacity or boldness of Floating Toucher when displayed on the phone.

Sort icons on the Android screen - Anh Dung SEO

- After simple customization has its own unique Toucher.

Sort icons on the Android screen - Anh Dung SEO

Step 4: Floating Toucher has similarities with I Touch is the smart button displayed on the screen, allowing you to quickly operate regardless of watching movies, playing games, reading newspapers ... To decorate the Toucher, you switch to the Point section. There you can choose icons such as: ITouch, Superman, Capital America… which are very unique.

Or you can also choose your own photo wallpaper for Toucher in the DIY section.

Sort icons on the Android screen - Anh Dung SEO

Step 5: In the settings, Toucher allows for quick setting of customizations such as: Auto-launch, border-point selection, Panel effects….

Sort icons on the Android screen - Anh Dung SEO

Finally, to take full advantage of Floating Toucher's superior features, simply go back to Customize and choose Upgrade to Pro for just $ 3.99.

Sort icons on the Android screen - Anh Dung SEO

It only takes a few minutes to decorate and you have Floating Toucher in style. Just have a unique Toucher, and you can customize to use all the features of your phone with just simple gestures, wrapped in a circle.

If you have difficulty downloading the Floating Toucher to your device, you can use Android virtual home button settings with Easy Touch, an application similar to Floating Touch, install Android virtual home key helps you keep hard keys better.

Not only arranging the icons on the Android screen, but you also lock the screen with pictures on your Android phone, with many applications developed as of now. lock screen by image simpler than ever, you just need to choose your beautiful images and thanks to the application support to do it.


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