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With the newly released iOS / iPadOS 14 operating system as well as information about the new exploit that will help jailbreak this version coming soon, we are still waiting to see what tools will be released to jailbreak the system version. Apple's latest mobile operator.

Meanwhile, those who have been able to jailbreak their devices are constantly getting new tweaks released constantly to customize their interface as well as add unprecedented features before jailbreak.

This article will synthesize some recently updated tweaks for iOS / iPadOS devices for you to refer and use, please take a look.

The most prominent tweaks

Dove - TTJB Repo - Twickd

Dove's Welcome Screen - All-in-one Tweak

Dove is a tweak that has been released some time ago on TTJB Repo by the developer fahlnbg - member of the group TTJB.

When posted to Twickd source, it quickly emerged because it brings so many customizations in a gentle tweak that you do not need to combine many different tweaks to achieve the purpose.

Dove is an all-in-one tweak, meaning you will find many options that you really need when jailbreaking your device. Unlike other all-in-one tweaks with only a few standout features but a ton of unnecessary stuff, Dove gives you the full device customization you really want.

This general tweak article TTJB please do not share all the features that Dove brings, but will send you details in the following article.

If you want to try Dove, you can download it from TTJB or Twickd's source, of course at TTJB Repo you will have access to new features first before everyone else. Dove supports iOS / iPadOS 13 devices and is free of charge, but some features still work on iOS / iPadOS 14.

Bakgrunnr - udev repo


You may not know, multitasking feature running in the background on mobile operating systems does not work properly with its name as it does on computer devices.

This means that when you exit the application and return to the home screen or use another application, the application you are running in the background is actually just pausing to wait for you to return before continuing to run.

If you are a casual user then perhaps you will be a little confusing this concept. But the simplest thing is that you will be able to exit the video player application but the video will continue to play, like Youtube running in the background, it will continue to play audio and music.

Bakgrunnrof the developer udevbrings you this capability on iOS / iPadOS with many different customizations and interfaces.

If you want to try out Bakgrunnr, you can download it from udev's source. Bakgrunr supports devices running iOS / iPadOS 13.

Puck - Litten repo

Puck tweak

Currently, the jailbreaks like checkra1n or unc0ver, ... just jailbreak not completely. This means that when your device reboots, you will have to jailbreak your device again to continue using the tweaks.

But the biggest problem causing the device to restart is "out of battery".

Puckis a new tweak released by the developerLitten,This tweak will help you to start low power consumption (or hibernate) the battery down to the percentage you preset to avoid device crashing unexpectedly.

Puck can customize what you want to hibernate in tweak's settings.

If you want to give Puck a try, you can download it from Litten's source for free.

Other new releases recently

Note: The tweaks are written with the source name and price (no price means free) next to the name tweak, for sources that have not been introduced in TTJB's source synthesis article, you will see the source link in the section. Description tweak.

AlwaysAutoFill - miro92

Tweak helps to always display the Autofill option in the keyboard's predictive interface.

AntiProfilesRevoke - Bigboss

Helps bypass enterprise certificate status verification and continue to use apps while device is in jailbreak.

Battery Plus - Bigboss

Help bring more features to the battery display of iOS / iPadOS.

Butterfly - Litten

Coloring various aspects of iOS and iPadOS (source Litten)

Bybass HSBC VN 3.1.0 - Bigboss

Bypassing jailbreak detection for HSBC Vietnam app 3.1.0.

bypassJB - Bigboss

Hide your jailbreak from certain apps.

CClock - 0SRepo

Add authentic clock widgets to Control Center interface (source 0SRepo)

Centauri - MTAC

Allows you to customize the iOS 14 Pin widget (MTAC source)

Easy YouTube - miro92

Upgrade the YouTube app with screen brightness and volume level gestures inspired by the VLC video viewer (source miro92)

Juice Lite - SparkDev

Compact, free version of popular Juice tweaks.

Koi - Litten

Force Touch menu background coloring based on the app icon color.

MessagesFeatures - $ 1.25 -Twickd

Offers the ability to customize the Messages app.

MusicAlbumTitles - Packix

Replace the artist with the album name in the Now Playing view of the Music application.

PerfectGrabber- Bigboss

An improved Notification Center activation tool for use in full-screen apps and games.

SmoothAppLibrary - Bigboss

Remove the folder background-sequel from the iOS 14 App Library interface.

Square- Bigboss

Customizable square call keypad, support even passcode buttons.


Have you seen any tweak you want or have "hooked up" to buy tweaks you like? Leave your comments below the comments to share with TTJB and everyone.

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