How does PiP on iOS 14 and Android 11 work differently?

PiP on iOS 14 is one of the pretty useful features that allows you to watch videos in a minimized window right on your iPhone's home screen while interacting with other applications. So how does it work and how does it differ from Android 11? Find out with MAC!

1. Video location of PiP on iOS 14 and Android 11

On iOS 14, the PiP video will only have 4 fixed positions, which are the 2 upper corners of the screen and 2 lower corners of the Dock area. Even if you drag the video to any position on the screen, depending on its position near any corner, it will run to that corner, and note that the video cannot lie on the Dock.

PiP's video location on iOS 14

On Android 11 is freer, video can be on any position on the screen, but is always close to 2 sides, and vertical position is free.


On Android 11, video placement is more free

When we drag the video on the screen to any position, depending on the near side position it will be anchored to that edge, the vertical position is free. The video can lie on top of the Dock as well.

2. Hide the video but keep the sound

Here the difference occurs, on iOS 14 we can hide the video window is playing but keep the sound by dragging the window to the two sides, where the video is located will show an arrow marked.


Hide the video but keep the sound

However, the Android 11 operating system does not have this feature, one is to be turned off, there is no hear-only option.

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3. Turn off PiP videos on iOS 14 and Android 11

On iOS 14 to turn off PiP video, clicking on the video will bring up the X button, clicking will turn off the video.


Turn off PiP videos on iOS 14 and Android 11

On Android 11, there are 2 ways:

  • One is similar to the iOS side: click and press the X button

  • Second, we will see the X button at the bottom of the screen, drag and drop the X button to turn off, this is similar to turning off the Chat heads bubble of Facebook Messenger.

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4. Video zoom manipulation, zoom size

On iOS 14 we can zoom easily similar to manipulating photo zoom. Spread 2 fingers out on the window to zoom in, pinch 2 fingers to zoom. The smallest size as shown in the picture, the largest possible is the width of the screen.


Video zoom operation, zoom size

On Android 11, the zoom operation is a bit different, we cannot use the zoom operation as on iOS. To zoom, use one finger to press and hold on a corner of the PiP window then move your finger out the window to zoom in, in to zoom. The smallest size as shown, the largest size is still smaller than the iOS side.

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Through this article we can see, PiP on iOS 14 and Android 11 different activities in terms of design, location, how to hide and turn off the video ... Besides, the operation on the iPhone is also more convenient. Have you updated the version and experience yet? Do not forget to share with your loved ones for reference!


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