How much does the Apple Watch SE cost in 2020?

The newly launched Apple Watch SE has quickly received the attention of many users. That's right, with the price from 279 USD, anyone can easily own this watch.

If you are interested in how much Apple Watch SE costs, the price of Watch SE in Vietnam, do not miss this article. Below is a detailed price list of the smartwatch that Apple just released in September 2020.

1. How much does the Apple Watch SE cost?

Apple has officially launched the Apple Watch SE for sale at the following prices:

  • Apple Watch SE GPS version: 279 USD (about 6.46 million VND).

  • Apple Watch SE LTE version: 329 USD (about 7.62 million VND).

So the version with mobile connection is only over 50 USD with the Wifi version. Normally, with Apple Watch Series 3,4,5,6 you will spend about 100 USD to buy LTE version. But this time the Apple Watch SE has a huge price advantage: The launch price is both cheap and not too different between the GPS and LTE versions.

Naturally, the two prices above are the starting prices of the Apple Watch SE at launch. After returning to Vietnam, the price of the watch will be about 20% difference due to shipping costs, taxes and other surcharges.

Apple Watch SE price list in Vietnam (in 2020) ranges from 8 to 10 million VND. Specifically, the Apple Watch SE price at MAC is as follows:

2. Why should buy Apple Watch SE?

Aside from the relatively affordable price tag, what are the reasons that might convince you to buy the Apple Watch SE?

2.1. Apple standard design

The design is familiar, but it is the advantage of the Apple Watch SE. The square mold with 4 rounded edges of the Apple Watch team has become a signature brand.

There are a lot of people who choose to buy the Apple Watch not because it has many features, powerful but because it ... beautiful. Yes, wearing an Apple Watch feels a lot more modern than a traditional watch. Especially the Apple Watch series can change the wire within 1 note.

How much does the Apple Watch SE cost in 2020?

The fashion sense of the Apple Watch is also extremely high. From a sporty style to a chic one just by changing the rope. Buying a watch with about 5 different strap sets is spoiled for mixing match styles.

Additionally, the aluminum outer shell of the Apple Watch SE is made from 100% recycled aluminum. This both saves production costs and can also protect the environment extremely well.

2.2. Screen equivalent to Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch SE's display is comparable to the Watch Series 6 in both size and quality. The screen of the Watch SE is larger thanks to the thin bezel and curved edges that are 30% more curved than the old generation.

You will have 2 choices of screen size:

  • 40mm for girls or with small wrists.

  • 44mm for men, with large wrists.

Next comes the quality of the screen. Both the newly released Apple Watch 2020 use retina displays with a resolution of 368 × 448 pixels. With a small size, the resolution is more than enough to display information on the screen.

How much does the Apple Watch SE cost in 2020?

Although it is a shortened version, the Apple Watch SE screen is still guaranteed to have high brightness for outdoor use. Not to mention the very good contrast, the colors are clearly delimited and do not have a yellowish or green hue.

Another small point is that the Watch SE screen surface is protected by tempered glass. So you can completely rest assured to wear them to exercise, play outdoor sports, ... okay.

2.3. Strong performance than Watch Series 3

Apple Watch SE owns the power from the Apple S5 chip. Surely the speed of the Watch SE will not be like the Watch Series 6. But judging on the general ground, the performance of the machine is still at good level.

How much does the Apple Watch SE cost in 2020?

Features that need to maintain quite a lot like "Always on Display", "Measure oxygen concentration" have been removed on the Apple Watch SE. So the S5 chip can confidently handle other tasks without hindering it.

2.4. Watch SE can measure heart rate & noise

Even without the latest features, the Watch SE is still packed with two of the most important features: heart rate measurement and noise alert.

How much does the Apple Watch SE cost in 2020?

Needless to say about these two features on the Apple Watch. I just once again emphasized how important heart rate & noise measurement is to us:

  • Heart rate function on Apple Watch SE: still works with high precision as Series 6. Heart rate measurement has gradually become a habit for Apple Watch users. With this feature, you will soon detect what's wrong with your heart. Please work hard to measure your heart rate every day!

  • Apple Watch SE noise warning feature: measures loudness of noise and plays an alert if the sound is too loud. Make sure the outside environment does not affect your hearing.

2.5. Watch SE has detected a fall

One more extremely important feature on the Apple Watch SE. If you want to buy for your grandparents, your parents, this is the best choice. In addition to the cheap, easy to buy factor, the machine can also detect falls (as on Series 5, 6).

This is one of the top safety features that every device should have. They not only automatically detect falls, but also connect instantly with emergency numbers.

In fact, this feature is very important for you to promptly detect an accident happening to your loved one. In some other cases, the fall detection feature will be needed such as mountain climbers, adventurers, road cycling, ... ..

2.6. Add many latest features 2020

In addition to the health and safety features, Apple Watch SE is also equipped with the latest "weapons" by Apple in 2020.

The first is about the new watch face. While it doesn't own all of the watch faces, the Watch SE has seven new ones. These are the faces: Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT and Artist. Each watch face has its own features, and you can choose which one you like.

Second is the altimeter feature on the Apple Watch SE. This feature allows to detect small height changes as you step up and down. For example, climbing the bar bridge.

Third is the feature Family Setup (Family Setup). The cool feature is that they allow other family members (children) with an Apple Watch but not an iPhone to enjoy the necessary connections.

Although not connected to the iPhone, but your sister's Apple Watch, your child still has full features of safety, health, and exercise as usual. The only thing to do is to set up a family between 2 (or more) Apple Watch together.

3. Reputable address selling Apple Watch SE

In the end, the only thing you are wondering is to find the address to sell Apple Watch SE anymore, right? In Vietnam, there are many Apple Watch retail mobile systems, but most are portable, so you can only service yourself at that store, not get support from Apple.

However, if you buy the Apple Watch SE (or any Apple product) at MAC, then it is different. MAC is one of three Apple Authorized Centers in Vietnam (Apple Authorized Service).

Products sold at the store are genuine and can be warranted at Apple warranty centers nationwide (remember to keep the purchase receipt). So you can rest assured when buying Apple Watch here.

MAC - Vietnam's Largest Apple Watch Supermarket Chain

You will not be able to find rare versions of Apple Watch with good prices like at MAC. Visit MAC base to experience the genuine Apple Watch SE, good price.


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