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Some note.

  • The article seems long but actually from the next time you get the app, you just need to do from step 4 onwards (there are 4 steps in total).
  • If you change the ID to another .iPA download, start again from step 3.
  • DO NOT NEED jailbreak to install .iPA, because this is .iPA signed with the activation ID itself, not .iPA crack remove ID.
  • Where to find the Build number (9 digits) of the app? This I will guide separately in part II. The easiest way is to enter Mixrank => Enter the name of the App => Select version, there will be statistics for the version of the app


  • iTunes is the last version of iTunes that allows .iPA downloads on iTunes.
  • Charles Proxy 4.2.7 or 4.2.8. These two versions are the same.

Download link here:


Step 1. Prepare the necessary tools.

After installing iTunes, go to Edit => Preferences => Avanced => Uncheck "Check for new software updates automatically"To save iTunes from asking for updates.

Sign in to iTunes with your apple ID. This ID is also used to activate the app if you want to share the .iPA get that other machines use.

Tip: Authorize the computer to not have to log into iTunes repeatedly when getting the app by going to Account => Authorizations => Authorize This Computer.

Note: If there is an error related to the file when opening iTunes iTunes Library.itl then you go to "C: Users Username My Music iTunes " and delete the file iTunes Library.itl be available, then restart iTunes.

Step 2: Install Charles Root Certificate.

Install the Charles Proxy certificate according to the following steps:

Step 3: Create Breakpoint.

  • Open iTunes and the Charles proxy runs in parallel.

  • Search for an app to download the old .iPA version Here my Facebook example (you show the Apps menu as shown in the picture and then search)

  • Press Get or Download to download Facebook, then pause Download and delete this loading Facebook (Delete key)

  • Now switch to Charles Proxy you will see a series of addresses, find the line with the form "p ** -", Inside ** is any 2 numbers, the example in my photo is thirty first => Right click on ""And choose"Enable SSL Proxying".

  • Go back to iTunes to reload Facebook (continue to delete this newly downloaded Facebook, because it is not a downloadable version).
  • Switch to Charles and you will see “ (with a small blue icon at the top). Left click to expand and navigate to the line "buyProduct". Then follow in the picture.

Step 4: Download the old version .iPA app.

(NOTE: From now on downloading iPA old version of any app, you will start from this step, the steps above are just for the first time).

Go to iTunes and reload Facebook again. At this point, Charles will automatically show the window BreakPoint, you choose Edit Request => XML Text => replace the Build Number of Facebook 161 is 826067593 => Execute => Execute. At this time, iTunes will officially download Facebook 161.0.

Check with Charles to be sure.

For other apps also do the same, you just need to download and replace the Build Number (find at Mixrank or I will synthesize the ways to find in part II).

The downloaded .iPA file will be saved in C: Users Music iTunes iTunes Media Mobile Applications

Once you have the iPA, the installation is very simple. You can install .iPA on your device using iTunes, 3uTools (PC), LightiningSign, (choose Install unsign) or create a direct installation link, ... Note: DO NOT USE AppCake to install this iPA. After installing the app on your phone successfully, open the app and enter the activation ID is done.
Remember to watch part II to know how to get a Build Number even when Mixrank doesn't have it. Good luck!

Dat Nguyen - iOS CodeVN

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