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Battery bottle status please Virtual battery error on Android phone This is a problem that usually appears after a period of use, in this article, Taimienphi will analyze the causes and give specific fixes without installing or rooting the system for your device to display the capacity more accurate battery.

Virtual battery error on Android phone occurs when the battery's capacity to store power is increasingly depleted, not reaching the level that the original manufacturer designed. This situation is described as when your device still indicates 10-30% battery remaining, but when using it, turn off the power only a few seconds later. Or your phone is reporting full but the battery drops down quickly to 10-30%.

how to fix the battery pack on your android phone

To overcome the virtual battery status, you need to take measures to recalibrate the device. Here, Taimienphi and you will join you to learn more about the detailed content around Virtual battery error on Android phone.

Cause virtual battery error on Android phones.

There are many causes of virtual battery status on the device, below Taimienphi will list the 3 most common causes.
- The machine has been used for a long time and is nearly the end of the battery's life.
- Because users often plug in the charger during use.
- Due to the use of chargers, cables are not genuine, poor quality.

Step 1: Use the phone until the battery is exhausted, power down Then, you power on repeatedly to make sure your phone has run out of power.
Step 2: Recharge the battery for the device. While charging, if your Android phone automatically powers on, switch to airplane mode during charging.

Other battery types on Android phones

Step 3: After the phone says it's 100% full, you can still plug it in for another 30 - 60 minutes.
- You should only do this once and every 2 months to do it again.
- The battery discharge only helps your phone to display the battery level more accurately, not increase the usage time.
- You should also not use the procedure multiple times to avoid affecting battery life.

Recently, Taimienphi has introduced you to 3 simple steps to fix the virtual battery error on your Android phone without installing software or rooting the system. Hopefully with this simple trick will help your device display more accurate battery life. Good luck! In addition, there are also many cases where the virtual phone battery is not necessarily accurate, you need to check carefully.


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