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You want to write a tweak but don't know where to start. Theos will help you to do that but how to install Theos on iOS / iPadOS? This article will guide you in the most detailed way possible install Theos on iOS / iPadOS.

What is Theos?

Theos is a cross-platform toolkit for building and deploying software for iOS and other platforms.

Steps to install Theos.

Step 1: Setting Theos Dependencies and MTerminal (or Newterm).

Check that the source is available or not? If not, add the source.

Setting Theos Dependencies from BigBoss source.

Setting Mterminal (or Newterm)

  • MTerminal: source
  • Newterm: source

Step 2: Set the environment variable Theos.

Open up MTerminal (or Newterm) and run the following command:

echo "export THEOS=~/theos" >> ~/.profile

After running the above command, please turn off MTerminal then reopen it and run the following command to test

echo $THEOS

If the result returns nothing, you can not go to step 3, if the result is / var / mobile / theos ie you have successfully performed step 2.

Step 3: Clone Theos into the device.

Continue to run the following command in MTerminal

git clone --recursive $THEOS

Step 4: Download the iOS SDK.

curl -LO
TMP=$(mktemp -d)
unzip -d $TMP
mv $TMP/sdks-master/*.sdk $THEOS/sdks
rm -r $TMP

Your job now is to wait until it is completed.

To test Theos Installed successfully or not, you can run the following command:


Good luck.

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