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Apple just launched the iPhone 12 on the evening of October 13. Their launch video made us go from surprise to surprise. One of the most controversial surprises is that this year's iPhone 12 will not come with a charger and headphones. Find out the information with MAC through the following article.

iPhone 12 will not come with a charger

The reason iPhone 12 doesn't come with a charger

Environmental Protection

Apple will not include a charger or headphones for the iPhone 12 to protect the environment. Apple says it can significantly reduce carbon emissions by not making accessories in the first place. This can reduce the shipping box size of each iPhone sold. Furthermore, it can reduce costs for iPhone 12 buyers.

iPhone 12 does not come with charger

Apple delayed making accessories for the environment

For the first time, neither the Apple EarPods nor the charger are included with the purchase of the iPhone. Apple says this would cut more than 2 million tons of carbon per year.

The user has many chargers

Apple CEO Lisa Jackson says there are more than 2 billion iPhone chargers in the world. So keeping them in the box with the iPhone is a waste. In addition, the trend of using wireless charging is increasingly popular.

Save shipping costs

With fewer items, the iPhone case is also smaller. Jackson claims that Apple can hold up to 70% more product on a shipping pallet. “Combined, the changes we made to the iPhone 12 cut more than 2 million tons of carbon annually; This is equivalent to the emissions of 450,000 cars per year. ”

iPhone 12 does not come with charger

Cutting off the charging cable will reduce the cost of shipping iPhone 12

Some accessory manufacturers said the move was welcome, offering customers more choice. Apple should be commended for its transparent efforts to mitigate environmental impacts. However, sustainability experts are skeptical, arguing that Apple's efforts have only a small impact on the growing e-waste crisis.

The USB-C to Lightning charging cable is still included with the iPhone

The iPhone 12 box will continue to have a USB-C to Lightning charging cable, but the EarPod headphones and power adapter won't. These accessories will be sold individually only.

iPhone 12 does not come with charger

USB-C to Lightning charging cable

Most current iPhone owners already have these accessories from previous phone purchases, and the new phone will continue to ship with a USB-C-to-Lightning cable.

Community response

A Weibo user said: "I'm okay with not having a headset because I am using a Bluetooth headset anyway ... but dropping the charger is like asking me to eat without holding chopsticks."

"A smartphone without a charger is an incomplete smartphone," wrote another.

Another Twitter user commented: “We all use AirPods these days and the charger has a USB port, so wired headphones and chargers didn't help me. What Apple does is really smart and helps protect the environment. "

Despite the mixed opinions, but undeniably the iPhone 12 is promised a boom in sales when it hits the shelves. Visit shopdunk.com to wait for the latest iPhone model to return to Vietnam!

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