(Latest) iPhone 12 officially launched for how much?

iPhone 12 just launched at 0:00 on October 14, 2020 (Vietnam time). Finally, the new-generation iPhone was officially introduced by Apple after many days of speculation. But perhaps the design or camera of the iPhone 12 does not cause "curiosity" by its price!

1. How much does iPhone 12 cost?

After months of waiting and lots of predictions, finally the iPhone 12 has launched at the event ... Apple announced the price of the iPhone 12 is from ... USD, equivalent to about ... VND.

Specifically, the price of the iPhone 12 versions is as follows:

  • IPhone 12 price from 699 USD (about 16.2 million VND)

  • IPhone 12 Max price from 799 USD (about 18.5 million VND)

  • IPhone 12 Pro price from 999 USD (about 23.1 million VND)

  • Price iPhone 12 Pro Max $ 1099 (about 25.4 million VND)

This price is also similar to last year's iPhone 11 Pro Max. It makes sense for all of the new technology adopted by the iPhone 12 this year.

2. Address to buy iPhone 12 earliest

You need to find a reputable address to buy an iPhone 12? So which address to sell the earliest iPhone 12 has a good price compared to the market here? If it is not MAC then it will not be another "one"!

MAC is one of the first units to have an iPhone 12 in Vietnam. As one of 3 Apple Authorized Centers in Vietnam (Apple Authorized Service), customers will have many privileges:

  • Own iPhone 12 earliest

  • Get a genuine warranty from Apple

  • Peace of mind about product origin

  • Technical advice is always available at any time

Call the MAC hotline to become the first to own an iPhone 12 in Vietnam. Call the hotline 1900.6626 to set the "brick" and relax and wait for your iPhone to return to your hands.

MAC - Vietnam's largest Apple chain


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