Should upgrade or not?

Apple Watch SE version known as smart watches and "cheap" to hit directly on the mid-range segment of the Apple house. The product is considered a hybrid variant between Series 4 - Series 5 and Series 6, but it has a strategy to attract users to participate in the Apple ecosystem. Review with MAC to understand better!

1. Apple Watch SE version - cheap but still very good

The Apple Watch SE has a screen with a high usable display area (44mm: 977 sq mm and 40mm: 759 sq mm) which displays a lot of content on the dial.

The large watch face also helps the Apple Watch SE display beautiful and useful watch faces. Plus, the Apple Watch SE has all of Apple's new watch faces, just the lack of an Always On Display version.

Large dials display multiple auxiliary information fields to help users customize to keep track of more personalized information.

Apple Watch SE version - cheap but still very good

The Digital Crown dial combined with the Taptic Engine vibration cluster helps to bring a very unique communication experience that no other wearable device has.

In addition, the heart rate sensor cluster is placed in the sapphire glass, which makes it virtually scratch-free or aging throughout its life cycle. This will ensure the heart rate it measures with the highest accuracy.

2. Have the most useful health care features

The health features on the Apple Watch that really come into play are Fall Detection and Abnormal Heart Rate Alerts. These two features have saved a lot of people from dangerous situations, help diagnose heart disease early, and the Apple Watch SE has both.

Apple Watch SE owns a 2nd generation Apple heart rate sensor responsible for heart health monitoring features, especially irregular heart rate detection and warning.


Apple Watch SE features a generation 2 accelerometer

Apple Watch SE owns a 2nd generation accelerometer that allows for fall detection, a feature especially useful in taking care of the elderly or in unexpected accidents while alone.

Apple Watch SE owns a 2nd generation microphone that continuously measures and warns environmental noise to protect users' hearing. This feature works continuously without draining the battery of the Apple Watch.


Apple Watch SE features a 2nd generation microphone

The 2nd generation speaker for better sound quality makes answering calls directly on the watch easy. It also plays a very important role in emitting emergency sounds when the user has an accident or when I look for a watch.

3. Notable features

  • The breathing feature helps to relax

  • Remind to stand up when sitting for too long

  • Features intensive menstrual cycle tracking

  • The feature automatically detects playing sports, automatically stops playing sports

  • Features bed reminder and sleep tracking


Notable features

With a powerful S5 chip, Apple Watch SE promises to also be upgraded to OS and add other very potential new features such as:

  • Manage in a family group (Family Sharing), helping the elderly and children who do not have a phone to still use Apple Watch to monitor and take care of their health

  • School Time helps kids wear Apple Watch without being distracted by class

4. Does the Apple Watch SE version have no features?

The Always On Display feature greatly enhances the aesthetics of the Apple Watch, but it is not so essential.

The Apple Watch in general and the SE in particular performed flawlessly in the palm-up to see the time. Everything happened so quickly and smoothly that we wouldn't mind having a screen that's always on. In addition, the absence of Always On Display even helps increase SE battery life greatly.


Does the Apple Watch SE version have no features?

The ECG feature and the latest is that Blood Oxygen is still in need of licensing from countries (including Vietnam) and especially needs to coordinate with doctors from hospitals to cross check the results. new measurements are useful.

6. Who is the Apple Watch SE for?

Apple Watch SE version For those who have never owned a smartwatch who want the most secure experience


Who is the Apple Watch SE for?

The Apple Watch SE is for people who are wearing Series 3 and earlier and want to upgrade, but not too expensive. Series 3 is really old and out of date, spending $ 80 more to own SE will be a much better investment.

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Apple Watch SE version has been extremely impressive to users since its launch - it contributes to the diverse Apple ecosystem. If you are thinking of owning a product, do not forget to visit MAC - the longest warranty Apple chain in Vietnam!


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