Simple ways to help you quit smartphone addiction

By doing these ways, not only your health will be improved, but your beloved smartphone will also "rest" after a period of almost non-stop continuous operation. Along with the MAC point through the ways to help you quit smartphone addiction effectively!

1. Switch the phone to black and white

Without color, apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even messaging apps became less exciting.

This is an excellent mind-cheating tactic that has immediate effect.

2. Turn off the feature "pick up the screen"

With this feature, just a little movement of the machine will light up the screen. Turning off this feature means your phone will invite you a lot less.

3. Turn off most notifications

Another great tip. Initially, you will instinctively unlock your phone to see if you missed any notifications.

But gradually, the frequency of unlocking the phone will be less when you discover that nothing is waiting for you on the screen.

4. Do not bring the phone to the toilet

First, bringing the device in is extremely dirty. And secondly, it is an excuse for you to spend time watching useless news, surfing social media or playing games.

Let your dear smartphone be 'take a break'  With 7 awesome tricks & # 34; detox & # 34;  Extremely easy to do - 2

5. Limit photography

Taking a lot of pictures causes the brain to reduce its ability to form real memories.

In at least three studies ever done, people who weren't photographed during an event had significantly more detailed memories than those who took the photo.

6. Don't use your phone as an alarm clock

As long as you pick up your phone for exactly 1 minute to schedule the alarm, you will waste the next 30 minutes on… surfing other apps.

Leaving your phone outside of your bedroom will help reduce your usage time, and may also reduce restlessness.

Let your dear smartphone be & # 34; take a break & # 34;  With 7 awesome tricks & # 34; detox & # 34;  Extremely easy to do - 4

7. Get familiar with smartwatch

By using a smartwatch with notifications, you can view the time and receive important messages without falling into other smartphone apps.

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