The reason the iPad mini 5 is more expensive than the Apple iPad gen 8

After the new product launch event on September 15, many people wondered and made a comparison - why iPad mini 5 is more expensive Apple iPad Gen 8? Whether the 2 versions have many differences in configuration and features? Find out with MAC through the article below!

1. Selling price between iPad mini 5 and iPad gen 8 of Apple

Looking at the picture, we can see the official selling price on the Apple store posted with the following deviation:

The difference between the two iPads is only about $ 100

It can be seen that the difference between the two iPads is only about $ 100 for one made in 2019 and the other made in 2020. So, from where is the price difference like that? this? Along decoding through the analysis below.

2. What's the difference between iPad mini 5 and iPad gen 8

2.1. Memory storage

Regarding the processor of these two models, it is similar. The first difference you'll see, however, is the internal storage.


iPad mini 5 will be 64GB (up to 256GB)

Apple's lowest version of the 8th Gen iPad is equipped with 32GB of memory (up to 128GB), while the iPad mini 5 will be 64GB (up to 256GB).

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2.2. Compare the camera iPad mini 5 and iPad gen 8 of Apple

Comparing the resolution of the rear camera module, the iPad gen 8 and iPad mini 5 are the same. However, the iPad mini 5 supports more colors and Live Photos creates a more artistic photo.


Compare the camera iPad mini 5 and iPad gen 8 of Apple

In addition, the difference in the front-facing camera on the two devices is even more pronounced. If the selfie camera of the iPad gen 8 only has a resolution of 1.2MP, then the iPad mini 5 is 7MP with Full HD video recording and HDR video mode.

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2.3. Fingerprint biometric scanner

Apple both equips both Touch ID devices to integrate into the Home button, unlike on the new iPad Air, where the sensor is located inside the power key located at the top.


iPad 8 is the first generation sensor

However, the iPad mini 5 generation is equipped with 2nd generation sensor, while for iPad 8 is the first generation sensor. In particular, the new sensor allows for faster reading speed, helping users take less time to scan and unlock.

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2.4. Screen technology

In display technology, we'll see a big difference. The iPad mini 5 has a high-resolution screen with a pixel density of 326 ppi / inch compared with 264 ppi / inch on the iPad gen 8.

For, iPad mini 5 uses Laminated Display laminating technology, which makes the overall size of the machine thinner and displays a nicer and sharper image.


Screen technology

In addition, the iPad mini 5 display has an anti-reflective coating, as well as the wide color coverage of P3 and True Tone technology, which adjusts the color temperature depending on outside light. However, the gen 8 iPad series does not have these factors.

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Overall, the iPad mini 5 was sold by the company within the past 1 year. So you can also buy iPad mini 5 for the same price Apple iPad Gen 8 just released. Hopefully the following articles will help you choose the right equipment for yourself. Don't forget to drop by MAC - the longest Apple warranty chain in Vietnam!


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