The time when Apple's iPhone officially "transformed"

Through 13 years of establishment and development, we can see the phones Apple iPhone there have been notable changes and improvements in terms of design and configuration. After each launch, it seems that the Apple family soon affirmed its No. 1 position in the technology market. So you are most impressed with the "transformation" of the device? Find out with MAC!

1. iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 4: A breakthrough in photos

iPhone 3Gs owns the design of the ancestors iPhone 2G with 3.5 inch screen, small and neat in the palm of your hand. The back of the iPhone 3 is also convex to embrace the palm of the hand, and has a somewhat heavy weight.

The back of the 3Gs was made of glass, combined with the metal frame, exuding the noble beauty of a smartphone at that time. Apple's use of aluminum and glass created a real explosion in the smartphone market, with most of the others using only plastic or aluminum.

Compared with the plump design of the iPhone 3, the iPhone 4 has been trimmed from the body, the back is now flatter, the edges are also square to look more masculine.

This hit was a stepping stone to help the iPhone outperform other competitors in the market. If given the choice of which is the most impressive transformation of the iPhone, the apple that is badly bitten 4 will get the highest number of votes.

2. iPhone 5 to iPhone 6: The little guy after the gym

In the iPhone 5 version, we still have a phone that fits well in our hand, even the 5s has the size of only 4 inches. Much smaller than other competitors, but when it entered the 6th generation, Apple used functional foods for its smartphones so it launched the iPhone with super large size.

iPhone 6 has a slight increase in size from 4 inches of iPhone 5 to 4.7 inches. Most notably, the 6 plus, which was an iPhone version with a screen up to 5.5 inches, a size in the form of a muscular smartphone market at that time.


iPhone 5 to iPhone 6

This transformation of the iPhone is not very welcome by users, because a compact, sturdy smartphone is no longer replaced by a small but fragile iPhone that is easy to "bend". Thousands of users cried because their iPhone 6 curved even if it didn't drop anything.

The thin and large design makes the iPhone 6 series fragile and susceptible to deformation from external forces. Even many people even invented the iPhone straightening machine.

3. iPhone 5C: Apple's colorful iPhone

The launch of the iPhone 5C has made everyone admire again, the 16 GB version is priced at 15 million VND, while the 32 GB will be priced at 17 million VND.

However, we will not talk about the price tag, but will talk about the design of the iPhone 5C. If compared to previous versions, people are too familiar with the image of an iPhone processed with high-end materials, the 5C brings a completely new style.


iPhone 5C is a colorful version

There are 5 color versions for iPhone 5C: White, pink, yellow, blue, green. This is the version that brings youthfulness and dynamism to young people. However, due to the "not cheap" price as many expected, the iPhone 5C is not very popular with users.

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4. iPhone 8 to X: Goodbye Home button hello rabbit ears

Over the past 10 years, users have gotten used to the image of the iPhone with the front eye with the round home button at the bottom of the screen. And to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Apple has released a completely new look, the iconic home button has been removed to replace a new icon: "The rabbit ears".

With the trend of optimizing the display on the screen, the iPhone X has expanded by shrinking the edges so that the screen is most fully displayed.


iPhone Xr, iPhone x, iPhone 11 Pro

To solve the front-facing camera problem, the iPhone X has made a small black strip in the middle of the screen and has a pretty cute name: "The rabbit ears". This design quickly became a trend for other brands at that time.

For the iPhone 11 generation, the change is only in the color versions and a little bit in the camera cluster. So far, the iPhone has not had any changes to the front of the next generation products.

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5. iPhone SE Apple recycler

It can be said that this is Apple's line of low-cost smartphones. With the configuration of the most powerful product and the design that is "recycled" from the small size device that has been launched previously.

The first generation iPhone SE was launched in 2016 with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, when the trend of large-screen phones was gradually gaining popularity.


iPhone SE second generation.

That tradition is still preserved and promoted until the next generation iPhone SE launched in April 2020. We are known as iPhone SE 2020, possessing a design inherited from the iPhone 8 and equipped configurations of iPhone 11.

The specially designed iPhone SE series comes from differentiation from the almost saturated mobile market. With the device's reusable design 2 years ago, but the iPhone SE still received a lot of positive feedback.

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Compared to competitors in the smart mobile phone market, Apple iPhone has always been one of the most valuable high-end smartphones worth owning. Hopefully coming here when the iPhone 12 generation launches - the version will have an impressive "transformation" to attract iFan in 2020.


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