To become the number 1 tablet in the world

Currently, product line Apple iPad Absolutely dominate the global tablet market - something that competitors like Samsung or Huawei can never do. So to have the success today, how has the Apple tablet been "transformed"? Find out with MAC!

1. iPad 1 - completely changed the tablet market

Before the iPad, the tablet was not completely new, even a long time ago. However, the tablet at that time was mostly running Windows and people saw it as a handheld computer.

Besides, the tablet before 2010 was shaped as a working machine, for companies and businesses that needed a more convenient touch interface.

iPad 1 - completely changed the tablet market

Then when the iPad was born, we saw a real mobile interface, a completely new way of interacting with a large screen on hand. It's become more mobile, battery life is longer, and people are starting to have better web, photo and video experiences with iPad.

2. iPad 3 - a pretty big change with the Retina display

iPad 3 is a pretty big change to the iPad line, it keeps the curved design on the sides of the iPad 2 but adds a high-resolution Retina display.

At that time, most tablets and even computers did not have a screen resolution exceeding Full-HD. But Apple has brought this screen down to its tablet to make the image smoother, clearer and sharper.


iPad 3 - a pretty big change with the Retina display

Before that Apple used Retina display for the iPhone, and also in 2012 they applied to the MacBook Pro. 2012 was the year Apple surprised everyone with its high-resolution screen.

It's worth mentioning here that the high-resolution display needed a more powerful graphics processor, and Apple did that with the iPad by customizing the iPhone's chip and upgrading its GPU. So the Apple A5X chip was born. Since then, nearly every iPad line has used the AX Series chip to operate its high-resolution screens.

3. iPad mini - attractive cheap model

After a lot of rumors, the 7.9 screen iPad Mini was finally introduced. At that time the 7 ″ tablet was quite popular, while Apple occupied the 10 segment, so they also wanted to capture this piece of cake.


iPad mini - attractive cheap model

iPad Mini is made for those who love the iPad experience but is compact enough to take with you often.

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4. Apple's iPad Air is thin, light, and compact

iPad Air was first released in 2013, it uses the name Air from the MacBook Pro and also follows the concept of thin and light. Apple has reduced the screen bezel of the iPad Air, upgraded the configuration, making the machine significantly thinner while retaining the Retina display and good experience.


Apple's iPad Air is thin, light, and compact

The iPad Air 2013 is a pretty big upgrade because it's different from its predecessor in a better direction, and receives a lot of positive reviews.

5. Apple's first iPad Pro - big screen, powerful configuration

iPad Pro was first released in 2015, at that time iPad Pro had no other screen size than 12.9 ″. The iPad Pro is also the first iPad that Apple has talked a lot about the ability to work thanks to the big screen, the ability to use the Apple Pencil.


iPad Pro - big screen, powerful configuration

The iPad Pro was then considered a competitor to the Surface Pro, although the Surface Pro ran Windows and it did a lot more.

In the following years, Apple released iPad Pro 10.5 ″ and iPad Pro 9.7 but these two models were not maintained for long. Having an iPad Pro 12.9 ″ gets a 2-generation refresh before moving to a new design in 2018.

6. iPad Pro 2018 has thin bezels and Face ID

In 2018, Apple once again strongly upgraded its iPad with a completely new design, sharper, more beautiful, and thinner screen bezels to suit the general trend.

After the success of Face ID on the iPhone, Apple also brought face-unlocking to their tablet, the other is that it can recognize in any direction you hold the phone. The home buttonless experience is also brought to the iPad Pro 2018 by Apple.


iPad Pro 2018 has thin bezels and Face ID

In 2018, in addition to the size of 12.9 ″, Apple also released an iPad Pro 11 ″ for those who prefer to use a compact device. The new iPad Pro line completely replaces the previous iPad Pro devices.

7. Apple's iPad Air 2020 - design changes like the iPad Pro

In 2020, Apple vigorously upgraded its Air line to give it a new design. Actually, it's called new, but it's similar to the iPad Pro 2018, 2020 with a thin bezel, more square machine. 2020 is also the first time the iPad will have multiple colors: blue, green, and pink.


In 2020, Apple strongly upgraded the Air line

Before that iPad only gray and silver only. It can be seen that Apple is targeting the younger segment of the iPad Air line, and the iPad Air 2020 is now a very good tablet for its price point so you can experience almost the best of iPad.

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Compared to competitors - Apple iPad is considered one of the wonders of technology. The product brings many changes and great improvements in both hardware and software. Especially the latest with the iPad Air 2020 "convergence" advantages from the iPad Pro and low price has made the tablet market in 2020 become more exciting than ever.


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