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You are finding Lossless music player application, Hi-Res on the phone? Wondering what software to search and use to listen to high quality music on your smartphone? If you have not had the answer, please refer to the sharing below to have an overview of the best lossless music applications, Hi-Res today.

Currently, Smartphones are being used by many people mainly using Android or iOS operating systems. The default music player on iOS does not allow playing Hi-res, lossless files. In contrast, Android, although it can play lossless and Hi-res music well, is not supported by other advanced features. For such reasons, the market appeared and launched many applications, lossless high quality music, Hi-res for smart phones.

Hi res lossless music listening application is best on your phone

The best Lossless, Hi-Res music player apps on iPhone, Android

In this article, will introduce to readers some of the best lossless and Hi-res music players on smartphones. These are all applications that play music formats from low to high, lossless music software, Hi-res also help to connect more stable if you use with a removable DAC / Amp.


1. Software Neutron Music Player

- Download software Neutron Music Player for Android here: Neutron Music Player for Android
- Download software Neutron Music Player for Android here: Neutron Music Player for iPhone

The first software that I want to introduce is Neutron Music PlayerThis is one of the best and best lossless, Hi-res music players, Neutron Music Player has all the functions to please those who listen to demanding music with your Android device.

Top app to listen to best hi res lossless music on your phone 2

In order for you to own this application, you need to spend more than 7 $. The only downside of this app is that there is no iOS version yet and the player interface doesn't seem to be very good (a bit boring). But in return with the ability to support and optimize hardware well, you will have the best music experience on your smartphone.

2. Software VOX

- Download VOX software for iOS here: VOX for iPhone

VOX music player is completely free, but if you want to use more cloud services to store music and share between devices, you have to choose from a monthly or yearly subscription so you need to consider. Hey!

Top best Lossless, Hi-Res music listening apps on phone - Anh Dung SEO

Using VOX, you can see that this application supports playing most popular music formats on the market, supports streaming music directly from the two biggest services, Spotify and Apple Music, and also Soundcloud. . This is very worthy software for you to choose for iOS, right!

3. Onkyo HF Player software

- Download Onkyo HF Player for Android here: Onkyo HF Player for Android
- Download Onkyo HF Player for iOS here: Onkyo HF Player for iPhone

HF Player application is developed by Onkyo audio company, this is one of the lossless, Hi-res music player that is loved by many people because of its excellent sound quality and many other useful features.

Top best Lossless, Hi-Res music listening apps on phone - Anh Dung SEO

This app plays well on DSD files with DSD native and DOF modes. In addition, HF Player also makes good use of the 64bit CPUs on mobile devices. This software currently has 2 versions: free and paid. To be able to play the best lossless and Hi-res music, you should buy the full-featured version of the app for about $ 10.

4. NePLAYER software

- Download software NePLAYER for iOS here: NePLAYER for iPhone
- Download the software NePLAYER for Android here: NePLAYER for Android

The fourth application I want to recommend is NePLAYER for iOS. This application has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. In addition, the application is fully integrated with the features that HF ​​Player currently has, and adds the ability to sync with some music streaming services such as Mora, e-onkyo music and OTOTOY.

Top best Lossless, Hi-Res music listening apps on phone - Anh Dung SEO

One more special thing, it can be said that a plus point for NePLAYER is the ability to access music from the NAS via the DLNA protocol. What are you waiting for without downloading and using this application immediately.

5. Fiio Music software

- Download software Fiio Music for Android here: Fiio Music for Android
- Download software Fiio Music for iOS here: Fiio Music for iPhone

Top best Lossless, Hi-Res music listening apps on phone - Anh Dung SEO

The last application I want to recommend is FiiO Music. This app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

FiiO Music application does not have too many full features to fine-tune like the lossless, Hi-res music software mentioned above but using this application will be very suitable for those who only need a software with requiring a friendly interface, stable DAC / Amp connection and fast processing speed is the perfect choice.

Above is Top The best lossless, Hi-res music player on phones that wants to share with you and its readers. Through this article, you should choose and install for your smartphone device a suitable application to experience today! Wish you have a perfect choice!


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