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If you are looking to equip your smartphone one by one virtual reality application on the best phone, do not miss the sharing in the following article of, through which you will soon have yourself an attractive and best virtual reality application on your phone.

Currently, virtual reality apps are hot when they are applied and become more useful in learning, especially for children when the awareness of everything around is new, unfamiliar, by virtual reality application on the phone will be the easiest and most effective approach.

Top real-world applications on your phone

Virtual reality applications or on phones for babies

Not only with children, but also adults, we are also attracted to it because of the novelty but equally interesting that these applications create for users. Moreover, through the image of virtual reality, viewers will surely find reality and easy to understand, much easier to imagine.

1. Animal 4D + virtual reality application

- Download Animal 4D + for Android here.
- Download Animal 4D + for iPhone here.

Animal 4D + is the hottest 4D animal creation application on the phone today. Use the app Animal 4D +, users will easily put 4D animals on the phone screen quickly and very honestly.

Animal 4D food tank application

To use Animal 4D +Users just need to install the above download link, then point the camera at images for Animal 4D +Immediately, the 4D virtual reality image will be displayed according to the current photo on the phone camera. If you want to change the viewing direction, viewing angle, the user can touch and rotate the animal displayed on the screen.

Animal 4D + also helps children to approach a new way of education early, thereby making them easier to recognize and understand than before.

When using Animal 4D + Then the images of animals such as dogs, horses, fish, snakes, bears ... will be applied with virtual reality in addition to giving realistic images, along with the sounds of each animal. Thus, in addition to the children knowing the animal form and the sound of animals, they will soon add new English words. This is really a good virtual reality application, very worthwhile for users to choose to use.

2. Dinosaur 4D virtual reality application

- Download Dinosaur 4D for Android here.
- Download Dinosaur 4D for iPhone here.

Similar to Animal 4D + on, Dinosaur 4D It is also a virtual reality application but only allows users to observe prehistoric dinosaurs on the screen of a smartphone. When using the app Dinosaur 4D Virtual reality images are very dynamic, interactive will be higher when users use applications on the phone, combined with cards from Octagon Studio.

Top virtual reality apps on mobile phones - Anh Dung SEO

Use Dinosaur 4D Users will experience the past in prehistoric times to observe and learn about dinosaurs that were extinct millions of years ago, from which users will better understand this animal. To use, you just need to combine the flashcard app set of Dinosaur 4D and watch the dinosaurs in 3D images appear on the flashcard.

Users can interact with dinosaurs by rotating, zooming or zooming in on dinosaurs to see more details about them. You can also move the device to get a 360 degree view of the frame very easily.

3. Space 4D + virtual reality application

- Download Space 4D + for Android here
- Download Space 4D + for iPhone here

Space 4D + is an AR application, helping users to easily experience and explore space systems. Application Space 4D + really useful for children to explore the universe, through which children can easily access the planets in the solar system, as well as quite explore the vast and vast space of the universe.

Top virtual reality apps on mobile phones - Anh Dung SEO

When used, you can rotate and zoom in or out of the planets. Children and even adults will easily learn about the size of the planets in the solar system, know how much their weight is, and more specifically can control the device to visit. the moon or the star is pretty easy.

Besides that, Space 4D + Also provides users with a short description of all the planets in the solar system for users to view and equip themselves with knowledge.

If you want to display the full image above Space 4D +You should download a set of 37 pictures from the developer website. Or you simply need another device to store and display photos Space 4D + Then take the phone to project the camera to the image, immediately virtual reality images of the planets, the devices for space exploration will appear vivid and true.

4. Virtual reality application Cars 4D +

- Download Cars 4D + for iPhone here
- Download Cars 4D + for Android here

Application Cars 4D + It is one of the virtual reality applications that users appreciate highly for their interactivity when using the application. Use the app Cars 4D + Users will learn more about different types of vehicles and are sorted alphabetically by English alphabet.

Top virtual reality apps on mobile phones - Anh Dung SEO

To use, users just need to use their phone to project flashcards, right then 4D images of vehicles will be displayed with high quality images with the most realistic. With letter A representing Ambulance (ambulance) until letter Z represents Zoo Transporter (which is the animal transporter in the zoo).

In addition, users can also experience driving as well as operating vehicles with full functions as driving on a real car. Users can turn on the lights, set numbers, use wipers ... quite easily. The real thing like that, will help users have a lifelike experience as well as quickly grasp the use of each part of each vehicle.

5. Octaland 4D + virtual reality application

- Download Octaland 4D + for Android here
- Download Octaland 4D + for iPhone here

Virtual reality application Octaland 4D + Many users appreciate its usefulness to help children easily learn about different careers such as teachers, police, doctors, scientists, astronauts, chefs, hairdressers, Magicians, nurses ... thereby helping children stimulate their passion for learning as well as orient their future jobs.

Top virtual reality apps on mobile phones - Anh Dung SEO

The usage is similar to the above apps as well. The user will use the phone with the application installed Octaland 4D +, then flash them onto the flashcards, immediately the app will display the career details of each card. In addition, the displayed pictures will include actions and sounds to help children understand that job or what the job will have to do.

With top best virtual reality apps on your phone Above, users will be equipped with a lot of new knowledge that I did not know before or knew but did not have a specific and vivid look like when experiencing with 4D images.

In addition, you can download and use the applications that come with flashcards with many different themes, such as: Animal 4D +, Dinosaur 4D +, Cars 4D +, Octaland 4D + ...

Also if you want to experience these virtual reality game At best, you can also see the information shared by to choose for yourself the best virtual reality game!


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