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With the Upbeat app, you can listen to music on YouTube even while using other apps or lock the phone screen, no longer be bothered by ads in the video, search for featured content right on the page master, create playlists of your favorite songs or stream music via any device that supports AirPlay connectivity, extremely convenient.

Upbeat's interface is quite simple and easy to use, including four main tabs, Playlist (the location where recently played content and the favorite song list created by you); Search (supports searching by keyword or topic & genre with content suggested by the developer); Trending (where recommended or trending videos / songs in the world and in Vietnam are shown, can be customized in Settings); Add (this section will provide your own setting items for you to customize, including backup & restore, music off timer, light / dark mode, language, custom trending item etc ...).

When you open your favorite song, this application will still play the original video sourced from YouTube so you can listen to music while watching the content, if you want to use more apps (or lock the screen), you just need to record. to the main screen and let Upbeat work in the background.

The feature I like the most when using Upbeat is search, which can give a real feeling like I'm using YouTube. No need to remember the name of the song, you only need to remember a piece of the lyrics to be able to find the song, the performer and the Playlist containing the related keyword.


  • Play music while lock screen: With Upbeat, you can listen to music on YouTube even when using other apps or when the phone screen is locked.

  • Change theme: This application provides two modes of displaying dark and light backgrounds, creating a feeling of not boring and somewhat saving battery power when used on models. equipped with OLED screen.

  • Airplay Support: You can stream music to other wireless devices simply and quickly because Upbeat fully supports Airplay functionality.

  • Music off timer: Set a music timer to automatically turn off music, you no longer have to worry about your phone power down from listening to music for too long, or when you fall asleep without turning off the app.

  • Create playlist: Similar to Musi, you can quickly create playlists and organize a playlist of your favorite songs.

Note that, with the free version you may see some ads to support the application development fees, but not as much affect the experience and enjoy the songs as on YouTube. If you do not want to see the ad, you can remove it completely by paying a small fee (22k ​​/ 3 months; 35k / year; 89k / lifetime).


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