What do iPhone 12 invites reveal?

The augmented reality technology has really been the target of Apple's interest this year, appearing again on the invitation to participate in the iPhone 12 event.

Just like Apple did with the "Time Flies" event, the "Hi, Speed" invitation to the iPhone 12 event is already available as an AR (Augmented Reality) object on the Apple event page.

While on the Apple event website, users can click the Apple icon to enter the AR view on iOS devices and iPadOS. On macOS, users can download files and view animations in Quick Look.

This icon will loop through the animation and can be viewed in 360 degrees in AR. Apple has introduced the ability for its devices to interact with USDZ files in iOS 12. This AR experience gives users a feeling of quite interesting, somewhat drawing people closer to the technology. Future.

Apple's event invitations have always been the bright spot of design in terms of creativity and intent, and AR is part of this uniqueness. The company is expected to announce the iPhone 12 quartet, which is expected to include: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max at the event along with new audio accessories including AirPods Studio headphones. long speculation.

What interesting did Apple reveal at the iPhone 12 event invitation?  - 2

The online event of "The Apple House" will be held on October 13. We will continuously update this event. Please welcome readers to read.

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The good news: Apple has officially confirmed it will launch the iPhone 12 on October 13


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