What's new in the performance of the A14 chip inside the iPhone 12?

The performance benchmarks of the A14 chip, which is expected to be integrated into Apple's iPhone 12 5G line, have been revealed.

The Geekbench benchmark test uses a scoring system to determine the relative performance of different processor chips. The analytical tests also look at the multi-core and single-core performance of these chips and give scores for each chip. The results of the Geekbench 5 test of the new A14 Bionic chip running on the iPad Air 4 show that this chip will deliver better performance than the A13 Bionic being used today.

The 5nm Apple A14 Bionic chip scored extremely high on the benchmark test

When Apple announced the iPad Air 4 in the middle of last month, it announced the tablet would be powered by the A14 Bionic. These are also the chips that are expected to power the new iPhone 12 series and are manufactured by TSMC using a 5nm process with 11.8 billion transistors inside.

The A14 Bionic chip will be available on the iPhone 12 series

This is much larger than the 8.5 billion transistors integrated inside the 7nm A13 Bionic processor. The transistor density of the A14 Bionic amounts to approximately 173 million / square millimeter, which is much denser than the 96.5 million / square millimeter of the previous chip, and this 79% improvement would make for a huge performance benefit. and energy efficiency.

iPad Air 4 and iPhone 12 series will be two of the first consumer devices with 5nm chips inside. The chip scored 1583 single-core and multi-core score of 4198 in the Geekbench 5 test, which is much higher than the 1329 and 3468 scores in the A13 Bionic's single-core and multi-core tests, respectively. On the other hand, the Snapdragon 865 chip has only 3495 (multi-core) and 930 (single-core) results.

Besides the upcoming iPhone models, the other smartphone that is expected to use 5nm chips this year is the Huawei Mate 40. However, due to restrictions from the US, Huawei has to limit the number of advanced integrated circuits. this progress. And Huawei not only plans to use this component to power its flagships, but also intends to use it on some 5G network devices. The first 5nm Snapdragon chip will be the Snapdragon 875, which will be manufactured by Samsung and found on the new flagships early next year.

Concept photo of iPhone 12 line with eye-catching appearance

The A14 Bionic has six CPU cores with two high-performance cores for complex tasks. The remaining four CPU cores are performance cores that are quite designed for general management. The faster neural engine on the A14 is used for Machine Learning - and includes 16 cores. These cores are twice the number found in the A13 Bionic. And it doesn't stop there, the new chip also has Apple's latest quad-core GPU graphics processor.

With the above numbers, the iPhone 12 series will continue to be a "beast" of the performance of this year's smartphone, pushing the gap with Android phones even further.

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