Which Country Is IPhone B / A Model From? (2020) ✔️ Anh Dung SEO ✔️

For the model iPhone B / A or the exact origin of other models from which country, users can do it themselves through a simple test of the model and compare it with the source code table specified by the manufacturer. can be in the article content.

In previous articles, Taimienphi showed you how to check the origin, Check iPhone origin, iPad through device model number. However, there are still some users still wondering about the origin of the iPhone B / A, J / A, LL / A or KH / A models.

What country is your iPhone model?

To help you answer this problem, Taimienphi will make an article explaining the meaning of the iPhone model in detail, thereby answering the question: “iPhone model B / A, J / A, LL / A or KH / A of which country? ”

If you already know the steps to look up the iPhone Model code that you are using, you can immediately look up the origin code table below to know which country iPhone B / A model is.

What is your iPhone model 2

After searching, it must be known that iPhone devices with model code B / Al are products distributed by Apple to the market. United Kingdom (UK), Ireland good Malta .

So Taimienphi has completed the question for you: "IPhone B / A model Which country is it? ”. Hopefully, through the code of origin that Taimienphi provides will help you more confidently buy used or portable iPhone, iPad ... products from abroad. Another way to know what your iPhone's model number looks like is through ways check imei iPhoneThis way, you can easily check many information about the machine such as warranty period, color, origin ...


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