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In order to compete better with the Galaxy S20 FE to win the 5G market, Apple is forced to accept low prices for the upcoming iPhone series.

The iPhone 12 series that Apple is scheduled to launch on October 13 is sure to attract many people attention, not only because the 5G capabilities come to all models, but their prices are also very attractive if new information. most is correct.

IPhone 12 selling price is expected to be very attractive

About the knowledgeable, the iPhone 12 series may have a starting price of 649 USD (15 million VND) instead of 749 USD (17.36 million VND) as previous concerns. In Korea, the starting price of the iPhone 12 (iPhone 12 mini model) will fall to about 738 USD (17.11 million VND), while the iPhone 11 last year sold for about 860 USD (19.94 million VND). ).

With a lower price point, Apple seems to be planning to bring the iPhone 12 series to directly compete with the recently attracted series of products in Korea, the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy S20 FE, in which the latter model is new. issued in Korea for $ 782 (18.13 million). Remember, Samsung is the biggest smartphone seller in Korea, so the cheaper price of the iPhone 12 mini compared to the Galaxy S20 FE will help Apple attract more customers from its main competitor at home. Samsung.

The question is why Apple decided to do that, because historically, Korea has never been a priority for Apple and the iPhone is usually released to the market about a month after its initial release. The reason is simple, that Apple wants to make good use of the 5G market in this East Asian country.

Currently, Korea is a country with a higher rate of 5G adoption than most other countries, so Apple wants its 5G phones to hit shelves as soon as possible, and that's why Apple plans to sell the iPhone series. 12 in Korea on October 30, about a week after the product goes on sale in the US. If there is a delay, the release will be pushed to early November.

IPhone 12 selling price

IPhone 12 selling price in Korea is very competitive

The report also claims that in Korea, the iPhone 12 has a starting price of $ 860 (VND 19.94 million), while the iPhone 12 Pro is $ 1,129 (VND 26.18 million) and iPhone 12 Pro Max is $ 1,303 (30). , 2 million dong).

It is known that South Korea is the first country to deploy commercial 5G networks with the help of three major carriers - SK Telecom Co., KT Corp. and LG Uplus Corp. By the end of August, the country had 8.65 million 5G subscribers. This number is forecast to increase to 10 million by the end of the year.

Basically, Apple seems to want to use Korea as a testing ground for its first 5G iPhones. The latest report also claims that the aforementioned telecom companies have been stealthily testing the iPhone 12 since August.

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